Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tomorrow, January 29th We Leave For LA

Ten of us are leaving for LA tomorrow for their annual Polo Tourney and BBQ. Joker has added a second roller hockey rink. A total of 36 teams have registered to play. That's 108 players descending on the LA bike polo scene. I have 12 bikes in my trailer and packed and ready to go.


SOP: Troy..Mike T...Justinrunns(standard operating procedure)

3G: Jay...Jacob...The NOD( three generations)

Natural Born PlayAz : MiniMike...AJ...DaveyCarfax

And Laura Jo Boyd(AZfoto) is our official Photographer.

I hope we are more than a novelty. The boys have been playing alot of polo the last few weeks. And it shows. They are ready.

JB the NOD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wednesday at the YMCA and Pizza

Our second time at the Y. 12 players, spectators, hecklers, bb-gun shooters, and my daughter Jinger and hubby brought 4 LARGE combo pizza's for the famished crew. Unexpected and very much appreciated.
The boys from Bike Cafe came too. Haven't seen them for a bit, but thay said it was nice to have a place to play a bit closer to home. It was great having them.
The list: Mailman Jay, Piranha#1, MiniMike, Piranha#2, Mike T., JimP, Kyle, David, Kyle(yes 2) DavyCarfax, Justinrunns and Me.
I didn't count how many pick-up games we played, but at 10 minutes each and playing till 930, a staggering amount of polo. LA, here we come.

PS: I am sure you are wondering about the bb-gun action. At 9pm a group of boys in the park next to the court, snuck up and hammered the court with bb's or soft pellet guns. No one was hurt or hit at all. Just a nuisance thing. Police were called, and asked us if this was our first time in this neighborhood. Why yes officer! "Don't you know this is the "HOOD" after dark. "
PSS: MiniMike took a pretty good fall and banged his shoulder. He has no meat on his bones. It hurts. We hope he is good for LA.
Grass polo tomorrow night and rest and pack thursday. Head west on Friday at noon. Can't wait.
JB the NOD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Jan. 24th 2010 $1.00 Throw-in Tourney

Six teams. Winner take all, bracket play, double elim. Outstanding games today. All the big dogs were there. The team of MiniMike, Troy and Conrad took it all.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Desert Storm Park "The Pit"

It's been raining since Tuesday the 19th. Our hollowed polo grounds are durable and made for water run-off. We played Wednesday eve. and it was good. But non-stop rain since, It'll take days for it to dry enough to ride a bike on it. This has been a drought killer storm. Rare for Arizona.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bicycle Lust...Once in a Lifetime

I have wanted many a bike in my day...but this would be the Crown Jewel.
The Merlin " Root" Ti frame, 14 speed Rolf internal hub, Juicy brakes, carbon cranks, and all the best parts.

Tuesday at the YMCA Failed...Rain-Out

Tropical moisture is to blame. Looks like it's here for a few days. Stay tuned, we might play Thurs. night.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Games and A Buck !!

These games are the best. Draws a good crowd ( beer helps) and the interest is high.
Everyone gives up a buck and throws their mallet into a pile. Then mallets are thrown randomly into piles of three. BINGO ! Teams.
4 teams played in a round robin sorta bracket, keeping it simple. These kind of games force people to step up their play. Very fun to see how they progress.
At the end Team # 3 won it all, undeafeted and winners of $12.00.

Team #3 consisted of : Mike Tretter, Piranha#1(Jacob Boyd) and your's Truely. Me!! Shizam!!
We used PBP's new D5000 Nikon today. Thanks Mike, good photog.
Jeff Boyd the NOD

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mike Tretter wins the vote for Southwest Regional Rep.

Joel (SF)
86% (6 votes)
Mike Tretter(PHX)
86% (6 votes)
Joker (LA)
86% (6 votes)
Joey (Inner Empire)
14% (1 vote)
Bret Chouinard(ABQ)
0% (0 votes)

We have a voice. The world wide polouniverse says so. They voted and the results are in.

Mike Tretter will Represent , along with Joker from LA and Joel from SF, the Southwest region.

Had to Share this...."Team Frijoles"

Joey Claro from LA and his team Called " The Frijoles" will be at tha LA Tourney. Joey is also a family man with two boys who play polo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Official.. Polo will be played at the YMCA

A Giant step made in our quest for a bonified spot to play Hardcourt Bike Polo.

We have agreed to a $5.00 charge per person, for the use and liability coverage. We will attack more ideas later and hopefully more agreeable terms. But, it's a good start and a place to play on Tuesday evenings under the lights.
My concerns with this arrangement is that alot, if not most polo players don't have $5.oo extra to spend every week. Our youngest players don't have wallets, credit cards, cash, keys, and I for one wont have them standing on the sidelines cause they don't have 5 bux.
I will campaign for other options later.

Grass Polo Wednesday Jan 2010

Seven players showed up to play some grass polo. What started out to be a nice evening, ended with thunder storm and rain. We completed two games and with the first lightning strike, got the flock out of there. Golf shafts and lightning don't mix.
Justinrunns rolled into our games too. He had just gotten back from LA and stopped by for some polo.
Even though MiniMike is my family and Grandson, I hate him. When he is on his game, you cannot keep him from scoring. With his 70 yard sprints, and tic tac ball control at the goal, he is amazing. We all try, but few succeed.
Justin rides fixed gear. And does very well. He keeps getting better and better. Thanks to all who came to play and weather the storm.

Team#1. Mailman J. Justinrunns, JimP. and Me
Team#2. MiniMike, Piranha#2(AJ), and Mike T.
JB the NOD

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Games Jan. 10th 2010


Mike T.


The Sunday Gang !

Adam from Denver, Mailman J, Piranha#1, Mike T. Troy, Piranha#3, and Me.
No one from AZHC game by to enjoy one of the finest days Arizona has to offer. Lots of pre-LA tourney games played.
See you Monday night
JB the NOD

MKE Ski Pole Test

I made two polo mallets using the new and available Mke ski poles. They are bright Harley orange, and about $18.00 each with shipping.

Verdict after multiple games and several different players:

Heavy, Very stiff, no bending, no dents, too expensive.

In our humble opinion, don't powder coat these. Just adds unwanted weight, stiffness, and cost.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grass Polo Tonight at 7 PM

Sunday Games Hardcourt
Monday Night Grass Polo

Desert Storm Park 16th Street and Colter, Phx. Park in the extended stay motel parking lot. The pit is just to the east. We usually play til 10 or so, depending when we get started.

We play everyone that shows up. Games are to 10 points or first to 15 with ties. The field is approx 50 yards wide and 100 yards long with a natural bowl effect for boundries.

I have talked to the City about the lighting at the park. It is ok, but not all lights are on. They tell me an "order" has been placed to turn them all on. mmmm

We provide mallets and ball. The ball is a softball size wiffle ball. At night I tape the ends of a 4" glow stick and jamb it into the ball. Bright and lasts all night.

Goals are 5 paces wide, made of clear 3/4" PVC pipe, with pen lights dropped in the bottom. One of Mike T. better ideas. Durable and again bright.

The ball is struck from the side only. Dribbling and scoring is done this way. High scoops are allowed, but very careful with high sticking. If you dab(foot down) you must peddle 2 full revs or strokes before touching the ball. If someone falls with no injury or mechanical, we play on. If the ball breaks or flattens out we stop in place.

Not too many rules. No t-boning, helmets are a must, and fun is mandatory.

If you can't tell, I am on a crusade to bolster our ranks. There are 1000's of mountain bikers and roadies in the Phoenix area. You can't tell me that some wouldn't enjoy using bike polo as another training tool to better their cycling experiance. 20 yard bike wind sprints for a couple hours ? Heaven. But most of all, great people. Spread the polo word for me. Grass or hardcourt, we play several times a week.

Thanks....JB the NOD

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just finished two Mallots with MKE shafts

I can get ski poles at almost any thrift store in Phx. These poles are available from Milwaukee Bikes, so I ordered two. Mainly to test 7075 aluminum poles and give an honest report, to buy these or not. They are expensive, but supposed to last.
We will give these the hack test. They don't seem to be much lighter than anything else I have made. Maybe it's time to buy a scale to find out.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Ist Game of the Year

Eight men and women. Grass Polo. Family and friends. And the most beautiful weather on the planet.

Tommy and Tracy Lyons, Mike Tretter, Troy Hacker, Jim Panzer, Jason Boyd, Jacob Boyd and me. 3 games played. The grass is cut perfectly, the sun is out bright and about 65 degrees. This is what we love to do.
Have a GREAT 2010 !!
Jeff Boyd the NOD

New Years Day 2010 "The Joust"