Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Grass Game of 2009..HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Desert Storm Park is the best field on the planet for grass bike polo. Long with natural boundaries. Last night you could have seen some of the best 100 yard sprint to goal, mallet to mallet, saves, defence, and lucky goals(well maybe some skill ). We were expecting the worst for Az weather, but not so. A beautiful night and the yellow grass had just been cut. Perfect!

It was my first time back to play since carpal surgery. Maybe a little early, but had to. Last game of the year. It was good. There were some really good battles between Troy, MiniMike, Mailman Jay and the Piranha. Jacob Boyd, aka: Piranha#1, was on fire too. MVP material for sure. His mad skills are unbelievable. He has an over the front wheel shot from the right side that will blow your mind. HC players call this a "Superman", unclipped. He does it clipped in. In fact, out of 8 players last night, only one person rides with no clips. Jacob is not 12 yet. If he keeps up this quality of play, I can only guess where he'll be by the time he is 18.


1. Mailman Jay..Piranha#1(Jacob)..Troy..Me. Won 2 out of 3 games !

2. MiniMike..Big Mike T...Tracy..Piranha#1(AJ)

PLEASE REMEMBER. New Years Daylight Game This Friday at 10am.

Here is wishing you and yours a very special New Year!! From all of us from PBP.

Jeff the NOD

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Important Vote and Nomination on .Ca

Before Jan 10th a nomination needs to be made for Southwest Regional Rep. 5 reps. are needed to cover Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and California. Take the time and vote. If you dont, someone will take your voice.

Lets stay up with the polo universe.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Picture Says it All.....Click on it !!

Last Sunday Game in 2009

This was one of the best, if not the best Sunday games ever. (I know, I say that alot). Even though I still can't play, It was awesome. 11 plairs showed up and did battle for almost 4 hours. Jim Panzer, a regular grass player came for the first time, and proved that grass/bmx players are the best. Quoted "Addicting".
Bob from Alb. New Mexico came by and played on his fixie. Super nice guy and hope he comes back too. I guess he has family in Tempe.
Troy, Mike T. Mailman Jay, Piranha#1, MiniMike, Piranha#2, Dus, Adam Sampson, Piranha#3, Bob, and JimP. Also in the cheering section: Christina, the NOD, and a special visit from Dustins Mom and Nana. Well worth the drive to Tempe!!
Still hoping for a New Years Day game. It will be grass or, If the Y says yes, will be on the fab roller hockey rink.
Jeff the NOD

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday Night at tha YMCA

12 peeps showed up to play bike polo on an unbelievable quality roller hockey rink. The YMCA was good enough to allow us to showcase what the sport is all about. From eleven to 38 years old, they played.
After talking to the staff, I am hopeful we will back to play again. There are some concerns. Revenue and liability. Revenue meaning new members and volunteering. Liability means insurance. We will work on this. Because it is well worth it.
Chris A. and his wife took some pictures. When available, I will post some.

Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Polo 4 Times This Week

Sunday, Hardy and Baseline
Monday, Southern and Dorsey
Tuesday, Expo game at the Chris-Town YMCA
Wednesday, Grass polo, 16th Street and Colter.

And I had to have hand surgery. Bummer !!
ps: my camera does not like the darkness. Crap foto's

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Games in December 2009

Adam(no helmet) from Denver is in Phx working for a few weeks. It was cool having him play the Sunday games with us. He has improved x1000, since the Denver tourney.
Mailman Jay
Mike T.
Davy Carfax

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Official...Expo game at the YMCA

Next Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, the YMCA has given us permission to Play a "Game" or two on their roller hockey rink. Here's hoping enough folks show up to rep us well. Should be loads of fun. In my family alone there are 6 players. And I can count at least 10 more from grass polo and another 10 from AZHC/Tempe. Please come if you can. We need a home.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Night in Tempe w/ AZHC Polo

Bike polo in a parking lot, minimul lighting, black asphalt, no side boundries, 12" back-stop boards at the ends, some traffic, and yet these guys draw a crowd almost every Monday night. Some of the best games are played here. Names like Trashcan, Carfax, Ramus, KOM, and others, set up and play till midnight, and then RIDE home. It's a community of cyclists.

We drive from Phx. of course, and always feel welcome. On polo days, our school age players have to do homework, then nap before going. From 8pm to midnight makes a sour kid the next day. They gladly oblige.

It looks like the YMCA is going to allow an exhibition game next Tue eve. the 22nd. We want a good showing. 3 generation players will be there. Wrist surgery is keeping the NOD from playing for a few weeks. No biggie, Mailman Jay and Co. will put on a good show.
Sorry, no pics of the Monday games. So grass at night will have to do. Don't forget, Wednesday nights are grass polo nights, our roots!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Retrotec Bicycles. Sweet single speed. If it wasn't $1300 frame only, this would be my polo bike for sure.

Made in Napa Ca.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Checking out new spots for Hardcourt

City of Phoenix, Granada Park. 20th and Maryland. 4 lighted tennis courts that are not used. They have the usual signage, no skateboards, no bikes. I want one !!
If I were independently wealthy, ???
A 40 acre, bike specific park with.. well you get the picture.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekend Games Yes or No !!

The Sunday daylight games are at the best court. BUT... Not many people show up. Why is that? Work? Lazy? Church? Too many pancakes? If you want to play on Sundays at the most rad court, Let us know. There are some very dedicated bike polo players out there. But it takes 6 to tango. Its no good for us to drive from PHX to Tempe when no one shows.
email the blog or check azfixed for info.

Wednesday, Dec. 9th 2009 More of the best Grass Polo Ever

Seven came out to brave Arizona's cold season. I know you folks from other parts of the world may laugh, but when it's 35/40 degrees in the desert, it's cold. Layering is the way. Peel off clothes as you sweat, and put'em back on when you rest.

We also had a guest. Mikes friend, Stu rode down to have a look and shoot some foto's and a video. IN THE DARK ! Check it out :

Awesome games. Tracy made it out too. She is an incredible person. Greg, our fixie rider came also, rode a borrowed bike and froze his A off.

Mailman Jay, Jacob, Mike T., Troy, Tracy, Greg and Me.

Oh and by the way, it was so cold that we did not stop to rest between games. 3 games played. Done by 10:30 pm. One of the games went to 15. Even teams again. Troy is a Maniac !
Update: Looks like an Exhabition game will be scheduled at th YMCA roller rink soon. We wanna play there, they want to see what it is all about. So stand by for more updates.
The LA Hardcourt BBQ and Polo Tourny is confirmed Jan 30. We will have at least 2 teams go to this. Hollywood Roller Rink. Here we come.
Till next time......Jeff

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Whats wrong with this picture ?

1. Bitchin Colnago track frame made into a fixie hipster thing.
2. The $10.00 cheap front basket and 1972 bars.
3. Only my opinion Doug
4. Thanks for the comment.

Monday Night AZHC Polo in Tempe and Two Bux !

Well, Justin asked for it, and got it. $2.00 throw in mini-tourney bike polo match. And it was a blast. If you wanted to play, put in your two bux, throw your mallot in the pile, and randomly toss 3 per team in piles. Surprisingly there were 5 teams for double elimination bracket play on a monday night, and dozens of spectators. The final outcome surprised us all. Once your team was randomly selected, you stayed with that team to the end. Piranha#1, aka: Jacob Boyd, Davy Carfax, and Greg, won it all!! Holy crap!! My eleven year old grandson was fer sure mvp of the match. His dad, Mailman Jay was very proud, as well as everyone there. They lost one game in semi's and won the last two games in sudden death back to back. Davy had two coast to coast scoring runs too. And had a rear blow out that sounded like a gun blast that got everyones attention. Then finished on a borrowed bike. Truely, these guys beat some of Arizonas best.

Jacob also got tangled up with Davy, went down, handle bar to sternom, 15 people to his aid, got up, no tears, and continued to rip it up.

I think this is going to be a bi-weekly thing till the Deset Polo Invite in Feb. This is not only way fun, but a good way to boost your skills and kick the level of play up a notch. For two bux, the winners each got $10.00. How bout that?
See ya Wed. on the grass.