Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Night in Tempe w/ AZHC Polo

Bike polo in a parking lot, minimul lighting, black asphalt, no side boundries, 12" back-stop boards at the ends, some traffic, and yet these guys draw a crowd almost every Monday night. Some of the best games are played here. Names like Trashcan, Carfax, Ramus, KOM, and others, set up and play till midnight, and then RIDE home. It's a community of cyclists.

We drive from Phx. of course, and always feel welcome. On polo days, our school age players have to do homework, then nap before going. From 8pm to midnight makes a sour kid the next day. They gladly oblige.

It looks like the YMCA is going to allow an exhibition game next Tue eve. the 22nd. We want a good showing. 3 generation players will be there. Wrist surgery is keeping the NOD from playing for a few weeks. No biggie, Mailman Jay and Co. will put on a good show.
Sorry, no pics of the Monday games. So grass at night will have to do. Don't forget, Wednesday nights are grass polo nights, our roots!

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