Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday Funday's...The parking lot at Southern and Dorsey

This is our night for Noob's and a more casual play. The Tempe spot has been in action for a couple years. Most of the originators have long gone, but is being preserved by new and very good talent and dedicated polo ambassador's. The emphasis is on bike polo promotion and entry level play.

Southern and Dorsey, Grace Community Church parking lot. Mondays at 8pm to ?
A very special thanks to Julio and Justin for set-up, tear-down, storage of the end boards every Monday night. Keep on truckin'

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Before and After...Mid 90's to Current Polo Steed

This is finally it!! With the help of friends and my local bike shop (the Pig), it's done. Test ride tonight, Monday polo. Southern and Dorsey, Tempe. 8 PM.
I changed the front fork. Less suspension corrected and straight blade. Feels way better

After: 17.5 VooDoo frame, Surly 21 rear cog and singlulator, XT brakes with Ultimate brake booster, MKE 35tooth ring and bash guard, KMC 1/8" chain, Aluminum suspension corrected fork, BMX 70mm stem, Hellbent bars, white lock on grips, Sun Mammoth rims, XTR 36 spoke hubs, with Maxxis Holly Roller tires.

Before: 17.5 VooDoo w/ Shimaon STX-Rc componants, Mavic 231, Ritchy tires, RockShock Jet, Titec bars, Onza bar ends, WTB saddle.

This is addicting. Finding a gem and turning it into a usable, everyday single speed daily driver and polo bike.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grass polo malets

Morphed over a 14 year period. A long way from a piece of 2x4 and hickory.

Special Wed and Grass Polo

Last night was one to remember. 14 bikes, 14 players, 14 malets, 28 wheels, at least 896 spokes, and one lit ball. We split into 3 teams . No throw in here. The old highschool way, 3 captains and pick-um.

I think 6, twelve minute games were played and each team won one and lost one. Very evenly matched. The level of play was kicked up a notch too. Joe Guarino, a transplant from LA, and seasoned polo player, brought his family out to share in grass polo and BBQ. He brought ribs.

On the grill : Boca burgers, Pork ribs, Large beef franks, Hot and spicy chicken brots, Beef burgers, Oh and Daveys extra large, bacon covered burger. Nathan Perryman brought Potato salad and cut fresh water melon, Jason Boyd really stepped up and helped me out a ton.

What a fun mid-week treat. Felt like a camping trip. Next time we'll add smores'. Or maybe a beer permit. Yea ok beer !!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Week and Az Bike Polo

Last night, Monday Funday Polo in Tempe was outstanding. Long games and good friends.

Tonight, Tuesday the 14th of Sept. is Polo at the YMCA, 17th Ave and Missouri. This spot WILL be gone in Oct. Lets enjoy it now.

Wednesday is Grass Polo at 16th Street and Colter, Phx. For the last few months our numbers have grown. On average 9 to 10 players. It is the training grounds for better hardcourt polo players. I also hear that the PBP BBQ'er might be fired up Wed. Even a Vegan burger or two.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LA Friendly Sept. 2010

An actual foto of me in action...a rare thing.
David Z.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Going to this....Tomorrow !

Davey Carfax..Mike Tretter..Jason Boyd..Jacob Boyd..Jeff Boyd..David Zigler..Chris Altman
Pick-up bike polo for two days in LA. On a roller hockey rink. With friends. Cant get any better.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday at the YMCA Court August 2010

Piranha #1 aka: Jacob Boyd
A rare shot of the NOD

Adam Cruz, Mailman Jay and Nathan

Hot Rod aka: Justin Schwartz

Adam trying out his new polo bike