Sunday, September 26, 2010

Before and After...Mid 90's to Current Polo Steed

This is finally it!! With the help of friends and my local bike shop (the Pig), it's done. Test ride tonight, Monday polo. Southern and Dorsey, Tempe. 8 PM.
I changed the front fork. Less suspension corrected and straight blade. Feels way better

After: 17.5 VooDoo frame, Surly 21 rear cog and singlulator, XT brakes with Ultimate brake booster, MKE 35tooth ring and bash guard, KMC 1/8" chain, Aluminum suspension corrected fork, BMX 70mm stem, Hellbent bars, white lock on grips, Sun Mammoth rims, XTR 36 spoke hubs, with Maxxis Holly Roller tires.

Before: 17.5 VooDoo w/ Shimaon STX-Rc componants, Mavic 231, Ritchy tires, RockShock Jet, Titec bars, Onza bar ends, WTB saddle.

This is addicting. Finding a gem and turning it into a usable, everyday single speed daily driver and polo bike.

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Nathan said...

i think you have found your nitch. congrats on the great find and transformation.