Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010


Last week 6 showed up. This week 12.

Tracy, Troy, MiniMike, Piranha#1#2#3, Larry, Chris Altman, Mailmah Jay, JimP, Mike T, Me.

It was the best polo ever. Three games played and since it is spring break, no one had to leave early. Each game lasts about 30/40 minutes. And all close . Mailman Jay had a target on his back. He went down at least twice, once over the bars. The Piranha were hot tonight. #2, AJ, was on fire. The boys speed and accurate cannon shots are something to see. Jacob is the one to watch though. He will challenge you to the bitter end and think nothing of it, making you wonder what just happened.
It was great having everyone there. rock ! Enjoyed your frienship on and off the field. And, of course the "Grill". Reverse Happy Hour. What a way to end a perfect polo evening.

Next polo is Sunday, Tempe Hardcourt.
JB the NOD

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday Hardcourt Polo at the YMCA

What a great time. Lots of players. Lots of polo played, even a couple grudge matches. Glad to see al the AZHC boys there as well.

The pic is of my youngest (3) grandchild Alyssa Marie. She was so excited to be on the "Polo Park" I could not get her off. Gotta start'em early. Right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday Night March 15th Polo AZHC Tempe

Always fun, and lots of people show up. Not just players, but tricksters, fans, girls, T-Can, roadies, a really good scene. It always amazes me how fast some peeps progress, and their skill level gets better and better. Between PBP and AZHC, we have some of the best players anywhere.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Flicker Pics of DPI-2 Thanks Chris Altman

Weird rainy Weather for March OTen

Tuesday at the Y was awesome. 8 peeps showed up. It had rained all day and cleared for polo at 6pm. Cold and windy. Front wheel covers acted like kites. Lots of polo played. Justin (Hotrod) Julio and Conrad are stepping up their game in a big way. Glad to have them around.

Wednesday grass polo was the same weather pattern. 6 peeps, cold, windy and rain started about 9:30. Along with this crazy weather come sickness. The flu or some kind of cold is really going around. I have had it for over a week, and this is spreading.

The NOD is moving into a house this coming week and it has a garage/shop. So I'll be gathering up all my tools and soon.....Mallet Crafting by the NOD will be open.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things we can't live with out

The best Craftsman tool ever

Sunday Games Cenceled .....Rain Again !

We aren't use to this wet shit. I guess we're afraid we'll rust.
See you Monday in Tempe and Tuesday at the Y.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ten Grass Players ...The Best

Tracy, Mike T, Troy H, Mailman Jay, JimP, Larry, Leo, Jacob, AJ, and MiniMike.
Three games played. 5 on a side, play to 10 or win by 2. Each game takes about 40 minutes to complete. It was good to be back on the field.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grass Polo Wednesday March 3rd/ 010

Troy Hacker

Tuesday polo at the Y was unbelievable. Julio scored his first goal, Davey rode freewheel, the three piranha trash talk, Mike T fell, and everyone else just had fun playing polo on the best court around. Missed you all that did not make it. (Justinrunns, JimP).
Hot Rod, Justin
Mailman Jay
Piranha#1, Jacob
Piranha#2, AJ
Piranha#3, Leo
Mike Tretter
Chris P
Dustin C
The NOD, Me

Grass polo is on tomorrow night. I hear that the MVP from last game will be there too. All three Piranha will be there to practice their cannon shots. Troy H will too. If I haven't said this before, Troy Hacker and Family are moving to Denver in the next couple months(job) and we will miss him terrible. Besides being one of the best polo players ever, he is a good friend. I hope the Denver cycling community embraces him, and if we come there to play polo we call dibbs.
See ya on the grass.....JB

Bike Polo at the YMCA tonight.

Anytime after 5:30 pm , come and enjoy the best bike polo in Az. If you are new and want to join in, no problem. I will personaly see that you play, and have a good time. Last week we had the dad of one of our young Piranha ( Larry ) jump in the practice session and wow !! He wants a polo specific bike now.

This is a family fun thing to do. If all of my family showed up there would be 7 on the court. I am very proud of that. And then if you counted my adopted and extended family, well you get the point. Bike polo fever.

This is a GREAT Idea...Nice Rahja and Denver