Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grass Polo Wednesday March 3rd/ 010

Troy Hacker

Tuesday polo at the Y was unbelievable. Julio scored his first goal, Davey rode freewheel, the three piranha trash talk, Mike T fell, and everyone else just had fun playing polo on the best court around. Missed you all that did not make it. (Justinrunns, JimP).
Hot Rod, Justin
Mailman Jay
Piranha#1, Jacob
Piranha#2, AJ
Piranha#3, Leo
Mike Tretter
Chris P
Dustin C
The NOD, Me

Grass polo is on tomorrow night. I hear that the MVP from last game will be there too. All three Piranha will be there to practice their cannon shots. Troy H will too. If I haven't said this before, Troy Hacker and Family are moving to Denver in the next couple months(job) and we will miss him terrible. Besides being one of the best polo players ever, he is a good friend. I hope the Denver cycling community embraces him, and if we come there to play polo we call dibbs.
See ya on the grass.....JB

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