Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday, Nov. 15th. Tucson Bike Swap Meet and Polo

The Tucson bike swap meet is always a blast. Troy, Mike, Tommy, Jay, Jacob, Big Tim and me, jumped in a couple vehichles and drove to the 'Ol Pueblo. This is the place for bike deals. Tires, derailures, brakes, shifters, frames, stuff to keep us going till next time.
Tucson's son-of-polo, Jeremy, tried to get a team together, to play after the swap meet, but no good. His players bailed at the last, and left him alone to play against Phoenix's finest. Thanks Jeremy for standing up and showing us a good time. With us and Jeremy there were 8 players. Tucson rules. 3 hits then pass.

Good stuff. Maybe next time.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wednesday, Nov. 12th I'm Back

Sorry, missed a couple games. Busy and all. But we're still here and playin every Wed. evening. Last week was no exception. Great gamin. 12 cyclists showed up.
Amazing. Even Matt, who we havent seen for a few months. Great to have him back. 3 games played. I think we finished around 1030 or so. I know Mom's are concerned about us keeping the youngest players out so long.( tired for school the next day). The boys think it's worth it.
Hard games and evenly matched again. MiniMike(Michael Boyd). What can I say. There are not words to describe his cycling skills. The moves he makes on a bike are not possible. Scoring at will, passing, long bombs, dribbling, and most of all his sprint. Sheeeit! Can I have him on my team next time..............Please!

I'll try and get the teams right.
Team#1: Jay, Mooky, Piranha#1, MiniMike, Tommy, and Me
Team#2: MT, Troy, Tracy, Matt, Piranha#2, and Big Tim.

P.S: Tracy wasn't feeling well and wasn't sure if she would play, but came anyway. She got saddled up and said she would just ride around and take it easy. RIGHT! After a blistering pace, I wish she would have.

Wednesdays folks. It's a happining ! We even have a cheering section. If you don't want to play, show up anyway. Just bring hot coffee or mocha. It's getting chilly.

Pics.: At the park, Big Tim, and we heard the Tucson boys are playing elephant polo now.