Monday, August 30, 2010

My Challange.. Build a respectable polo bike for under $200 bux

With the help from Craigs List, my local bike shop( Slippery Pig) and the Tucson Bike Swap twice a year, it is possible. This one is way under the challenge..... Sold !!
Gary Fisher Tassajara, 18" with Polo quality stuff. We play grass and hardcourt, this will cover both.
This is an example of what YOU can do to play our sport. Some run out to the BIG BOX store and lay down a hundo for the most embarrassing excuse for a bike ever. Take the challenge. Come play with us.

The perfect bike polo solution/ but pricey. Play and Commute

White Industries Double/Double Crankset
Includes Crank arms, Lockring, Double Chain ring, and Double Freewheel
26" Double 16/19 freewheel, double 35/38 chainring
29" Double 16/19 freewheel, double 31/34 chainring
Run the 35/19 gear ratio for off road riding or move the chain outboard into a 38/16 ratio for road riding.
The chain length remains the same because the tooth count is identical.
All that changes is your gear ratio.
Perfect, one solution for two needs.
Available in Black or Silver....... $375.00

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Night at the YMCA

A little over steer and Nathan goes down
Official hecklers

Adam..Piranha #4

Jacob...Piranha #1

Nathan...Taxman !

In a couple months the best place to play bike polo in Arizona is going away. The YMCA is putting a full gymnasium on it's place. Good for them, the community, bad for us.

Come play with us till its gone. And help find us a new place to play. Talking to the city is a no go. What we need is a politician, a cash cow, or a sugar daddy.

Anytime after 5:30 till 9:30 pm. $5 bux, a bike and helmet and your in.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sad Day for Bike Polo in Tempe Az

The Sunday Court

The Sunday Court at the Monarch Apt. Hardy and Baseline is no longer available. Our resident player has moved out and the manager says we have to go.

This spot was killer. Old tennis court, no nets, no pipes, some sizable cracks, and we were able to leave the side boards up till yesterday. Polo BBQ and pick up play for hours Sunday, as a tribute to a lost cause.

After Oct/Nov we will have lost two regular spots for hardcourt bike polo. This is getting serious. With over 400 tennis courts in our city, why in the hell can't we have one, locked down for us to safely play.