Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Polo in Phoenix Arizona

Well, here we are again. Sunday eve at the polo grounds. 11 cyclist showed up to play bike polo, sweat, and grind out 3 games. 5 on 6 at night with a lighted ball. Daytime is hard enough. Add road, mtb, bmx, and general cyclists to the darkness, and you get crazy, weird, and at times outrageous games. Way fun !

At $4.00 +, a gallon for fuel, THANKS to those who drive far to play with us. You must think it's worth it.

This video is a training day for our youngest players. More agressive film coming soon.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Evil Grate Slayer....MT

Wednesday, June 18... Six players showed up to ride, swing, gouge,fall,trash talk,and tear up the sod. Tommy, Jim, JB, Mooky, Jake, and piranha in training, Anthony, played 4 games. Blood was not spared. Anthony has a virticle smile on his leg he will be proud of for a bit.
Games are played to 10 points, win by two, first one to 15 wins. No time limits. If teams are evenly matched, a game can last an hour. 4 games....4 hours......(I agree !)
Some of us have played for more than 11 years, and yet, I still get excited everytime we play. Out of necessity, over the years, we have become bike mechanics one and all. I think we should be a proving ground for Shimano, Grip shift, Haro, Specialized, and many other componants. Our local bike shops help alot.
Till next time...oil that chain.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The " Evil " Grate

Danger ! We avoid this thing like Tucson players avoid the traffic.

Arizona MTB Polo....June 2008

Well ya'll....ever slapped yourself for not having your camera on and ready for that most spectacular shot ? I do it all the time. This evening was no exception.

We have played in this park for more than 10 years. There is a drain culvert at the end of the park, with a large grate (like looking at a small jail cell) covering it. We cover the bars with a screen so as not lose balls into oblivian. And if a ball goes anywhere near it, we stop play and resume play AFTER the ball is clear. Well..... I sat out the last game, visiting and watching, when I saw Mike and Jim racing to hammer the ball, straight at the grate. I turned just in time to hear Mike say " NO BRAKES " and crashed hard into it.....the evil grate. His brake cable broke. I had two horrible thoughts. Mike was injured, and camera!!!

Happy ending ! Mike is OK, Bike is not. Some bruising and he will be sore for a few days. But to quote a Phoenix MTB Polo player attacked by the Evil Grate.. "Well, polo hasn't seen the last of me"....Thanks Mike for your sacrifice !

Another new player, David, a bmx dirt jumper. Great job !

Three games played. Next game Sunday, 15th at 6pm..If Fathers day doesn't get in the way.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Action Bike polo with a lighted wiffle ball

A glow stick, stuffed into a wiffle ball

Bike "Demon" Anthony

This is Anthony. He is a 10 year old bike demon. I am glad he just showed up.


Polo Video

Sunday Bike Polo

What can I say. We are blessed with Stellar Arizona weather, a perfect place to play, and a few "deranged" cyclists who come to swing long weapons at each other.

Sunday, June 8, 2008 we played 3 games. Our friend Anthony came again. He is a great addition to our Gang. One word to you adult cyclists. We now have 4 ten year olds, 1 twelve, and 1 nineteen, regular players. I am 57. The rest of the gang are in their 30's. If you think for one minute that these little guys are a push over ! Jump back ! I got news for you. The two youngest are nicknamed "The Pihrana". Why ? If you have ever seen a pihrana feed, they sneek up from the rear of their prey and attack. Nothing left but the head. Don't believe me? Come see for you're self.

Thanks Tracy for your contribution to the blog. I cant wait for TL Junior to play. 9 is the magic age. I can only imagine him on the field kicking Mommy and Daddy's a## ! Interesting thought.

Wed. June 11th at 7 pm sharp. Desert Storm park. 16th street and Colter.

Come see if you can hang with the 10 year olds tough guy.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Future Polo player!

Thomas is getting groomed for his future polo playing career! :c) -Tracy
Great games last night!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mooky !

Howdy all.... Last Sunday, June 1st., polo took back seat to family, work, camping, baseball, and favorite TV programs. So we did not play.

But wait.... Wed. the 4th, we had 9 all male studs show up early, excited to play and inflict pain and unusual punishment on each other(and we call them friends). A young and talented 10 year old boy who lives in the Motel next door asked if he could play. His name is Anthony. Of course you can. Just get your bike and helmet and jump right in. So he shows up with a 24" full suspendid big box store special with a half flat rear tire. I give him a mallot, he jumps right in and CRAP ! He is literaly everywhere. He did everything but score. Good guy, and just crazy enough to be a Phoenix MTB polo player. I hope he comes back.

We played 4 freekin games. Other than wiffle balls ( hencho in china) breaking, no other major losses. Jay experienced some discomfort when defending the goal, some one tripped him up and his mallot handle gouged his male tenderness. OUCH. Shake it off Bro.

Our new friend Anthony is a testament to how we opperate. All are welcome, Safety, Fun, Sickness Peace JB