Thursday, June 12, 2008

Arizona MTB Polo....June 2008

Well ya'll....ever slapped yourself for not having your camera on and ready for that most spectacular shot ? I do it all the time. This evening was no exception.

We have played in this park for more than 10 years. There is a drain culvert at the end of the park, with a large grate (like looking at a small jail cell) covering it. We cover the bars with a screen so as not lose balls into oblivian. And if a ball goes anywhere near it, we stop play and resume play AFTER the ball is clear. Well..... I sat out the last game, visiting and watching, when I saw Mike and Jim racing to hammer the ball, straight at the grate. I turned just in time to hear Mike say " NO BRAKES " and crashed hard into it.....the evil grate. His brake cable broke. I had two horrible thoughts. Mike was injured, and camera!!!

Happy ending ! Mike is OK, Bike is not. Some bruising and he will be sore for a few days. But to quote a Phoenix MTB Polo player attacked by the Evil Grate.. "Well, polo hasn't seen the last of me"....Thanks Mike for your sacrifice !

Another new player, David, a bmx dirt jumper. Great job !

Three games played. Next game Sunday, 15th at 6pm..If Fathers day doesn't get in the way.


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