Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day 2009 Shoot-out

It was nice to squint and play in the daylight. See Jim, you did not melt. Daytime polo is super fun. 7 or eight showed up for a 3 game shoot out. Tracy packed up her three kids and came too.

One mechanical. Piranha#1 stem broke and was non repairable. So he played Gr. Jeff's bike to finish out.

It was a foto op day as well. Good stuff coming
As you can tell, our pool of polo players runs deep.
JB the NOD

Monday, May 25, 2009

Turn The Volume Up

I Know Jim. It's hard to accept it when an 11 year old takes you out.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 20th, 2009 Polo Mayhem with Ten of the Best

Wednesday we got started a little sooner than usual. Even some day light play. Photo Op's.
Jim split up teams tonight and must have been psychic, cause he did it right. Three games played and the first one went to 15 points for the win. Very evenly matched. There are no fatalities to report and no blood drawn. But aggressive as hell. Our "deep talent pool" comes from dribbling and passing at long distances, and 20 yard wind sprints for a couple hours. My only complaint is that we are in a bowel not visible from the road. No exposure to the public. Well maybe not a bad thing.
Team#1 Mailman Jay, Troy, Piranha#1(Jacob), Adam, Jim...One game
Team#2 MiniMike, Tracy, Mike T., Piranha#2(AJ), and Me the NOD...Two games
We are looking for a hardcourt to play on too. Addicting!!
Good Job Tracy!
Till next time:

Peace...N O D

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A Miserable Way To Start Your Day !

Tuesday morning around 2 am, Mailman Jay learns the bad news. His Truck has been stolen. Police were called, and by 6:30 am, the Truck had been found. Joy riders took it to the Gila River Indian Res. and played around till stuck. Still running and buried to the axles, a good Samaritan in a chemical truck pulled Jay's Baby out of the bushes and soft dirt. We drove it home.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Tale of Two Kinds Of Bike Polo does not allow grass polo clubs on their site. While I did not argue their reason, ( Needs to keep the hardcourt players"focused" and it's a mtb/roadie thing) Bike polo on any surface is a very special and unique sport. Shared passions is important to keep it alive. I am first and foremost a grass polo player. That is our roots. And I think the majority of our gang would agree. But in saying that, Those of us who have played on the hardcourt like it alot. Tournies are fun. Some day we will host a grass match of our own.

Joker made a comment on about the hardcourt tournament. "I hope the grass players enjoyed the match, cause if they did, they have a deep talent pool".


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wed. May 13th 2009 Ten Polo Players

It's been a wild and crazy couple weeks. From visiting Santa Cruz Ca. ( where I tried to find the SC Polo crew and couldn't...Disappointing) to other family matters, we are still here and playin' polo regular.
Last night 10 of hardest playin' folks showed up, and three games were played. Again, MiniMike stole the show. Lucky for us, his chain broke. MiniMike is left handed. I let him ride my right handed bike. Even with the handy cap, he is amazing. Mailman Jay is probably the most technical guy. With his long bomb and techie skills, it makes for a very cool match up. Tracy(mom of three) is our defensive player of the decade. Amazing speed and desire to keep you from scoring. And if you ever need someone to carry your 100# gear bag back up to the vehicle, she does it. Of course, our youngest player Piranha#1 keeps the energy high. Never rests, always movin'. I want some !
Thanks Big Tim for taking time from your busy schedule to play too. Thanks Mike T. for keeping it together.
The hard court players have temporarily lost their place to play. BUMMER! They are playing back in Tempe.

Team#1 Mailman Jay, Troy, Jim, Piranha#1(Jacob) and Me
Team#2 Tracy, Mike T, Mooky(Adam), Big Tim, and MiniMike
Photo's: Harcourt Polo Tourny and Piranha#2 ( AJ) other pass time
Next time....JB