Friday, May 22, 2009

May 20th, 2009 Polo Mayhem with Ten of the Best

Wednesday we got started a little sooner than usual. Even some day light play. Photo Op's.
Jim split up teams tonight and must have been psychic, cause he did it right. Three games played and the first one went to 15 points for the win. Very evenly matched. There are no fatalities to report and no blood drawn. But aggressive as hell. Our "deep talent pool" comes from dribbling and passing at long distances, and 20 yard wind sprints for a couple hours. My only complaint is that we are in a bowel not visible from the road. No exposure to the public. Well maybe not a bad thing.
Team#1 Mailman Jay, Troy, Piranha#1(Jacob), Adam, Jim...One game
Team#2 MiniMike, Tracy, Mike T., Piranha#2(AJ), and Me the NOD...Two games
We are looking for a hardcourt to play on too. Addicting!!
Good Job Tracy!
Till next time:

Peace...N O D

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