Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday Night Hard Court Polo

We set out to see the other half of our Polo family. There is hard court polo play every Monday evening at 8 pm. MiniMike and I went to check it out. Of course we took Mike's bike hoping he could play. And he did. After a short learning curve ( small ball, short croquette style stick, hard court) MiniMike fit right in. And with his typical sprint, did well.

Great bunch of guys and gals. Probably 15 or so. We will do it again. They play on a lighted tennis court at 32st. and Virginia.
Thanks for the invitation Marco.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, Feb. 18th 2009. " THIRTEEN "

This evening we celebrated 2 birthdays. Mike Tretter(34) and Michael Boyd(20) Thanks to Tracy for the cupcakes and cards, we sang Happy birthday with guitar background noise and had a great time.
Mt and MiniMike are two of our veteran players. Michael started playing bike polo at 10 years old. WOW how time flies. Happy birthday Boys !!
Thirteen freekin players. With 7 on 6, it gets a little rugged around the edges. 26 wheels, 13 sticks and one ball. Jim said it best. " With so many players, I kinda hold back to be safe ". I agree. It really gets crazy. If it continues to grow, maybe we should consider smaller teams and lower total points.
MiniMike flatted again. Broken valve stem. Tracy had the crash of the evening. Troy took out our only female player. Last I saw was her in a Superman pose coming off the bike. Photo op?
Our young guys were amazing too. They played hard, scored, defended and yet safe. Difficult to do with so many bikes.

Team#1: Tommy,Troy, MT, Piranha#1, Eric and Mooky
Team#2: Jay, Jim, MiniMike, Piranha#2, Tracy, Marco, and Me.
Whew !
Only played two games. Long games. Tiring games. Felt good games.
Probably gonna play this Sunday at 1pm
Photos: Tracy and Thomas, MiniMike and MT


Monday, February 16, 2009

Wednesday, Feb.11th " NINE "

A little late on my post, but here we go.

For those of you who read this, friends, past players, current players, you know why we play, and play hard. What is it about our game that keeps us together. I think Mike Tretter summed it up when he finished 5 laps of the 24 hour 'Ol Pueblo MTB race last weekend. "Polo is more dangerous I think". So there you go ! Life on the edge. A bike, stick and a ball. How simple.

3 games played. 9 players. All close again. MiniMike is wearing us out. Adam calls it a "Juke" . A move that Michael does that completely destroys your brain.

Team#1: Jay, Piranha#2, MT, Jim and Me

Team#2: Troy, MiniMike, Piranha#1 and Mooky.

See you all next Wed. the 18th at 7pm sharp.



Troy, Mike and Bill results from the 24hour race

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mountain Bike Racing Alive and Well in Arizona

Saturday, Feb. 7th at McDowell Mountain Park, Sport Track, I was pleasantly surprised that mountain bike racing is alive and doing well. Watching the 10 and 12 year olds and then the 40/49 year olds was awesome. That look in their eyes, and their body language tells the story. Pain is gain ! I overheard one little boy ask if he could do it again. No race was less than 13 miles. And the pro's did 29.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday, Jan. 28th 2009 "ELEVEN"

One of these times, I am going to do Biographies on each Veteran player. Really! Probably would make a pretty good book. You would have all the right ingredients; sports, athletes, scoreboard, trash talk, drama, action, and injury. Jeeze. Sounds like super bowl 43.
This evening was no different. Non-stop action. Matt contributed tonight. Great defensive moves. Mooky(Adam) was out of the saddle, bearing down on the ball. But of course, MiniMike was the bike polo god of the night. I think his team won all three games.
I wonder if Tom Osborn reads our blog ? One of our founding fathers of our game as it is today. Give us a shout if you do.

Team #1: Jay, Troy, Matt, Piranha#1, Piranha#3 and Me
Team#2: Mike T. Piranha#2, Mooky, Big Tim and MiniMike
There is talk again of Sunday games. There is no question, daylight games are better, and I for one am in favor of it.
See you next Wed. Feb 4th, at 7pm sharp.