Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday, Jan. 28th 2009 "ELEVEN"

One of these times, I am going to do Biographies on each Veteran player. Really! Probably would make a pretty good book. You would have all the right ingredients; sports, athletes, scoreboard, trash talk, drama, action, and injury. Jeeze. Sounds like super bowl 43.
This evening was no different. Non-stop action. Matt contributed tonight. Great defensive moves. Mooky(Adam) was out of the saddle, bearing down on the ball. But of course, MiniMike was the bike polo god of the night. I think his team won all three games.
I wonder if Tom Osborn reads our blog ? One of our founding fathers of our game as it is today. Give us a shout if you do.

Team #1: Jay, Troy, Matt, Piranha#1, Piranha#3 and Me
Team#2: Mike T. Piranha#2, Mooky, Big Tim and MiniMike
There is talk again of Sunday games. There is no question, daylight games are better, and I for one am in favor of it.
See you next Wed. Feb 4th, at 7pm sharp.

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