Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wednesday July 22nd 14 or 15 I Don't Remember

There were alot of folks at polo tonight. Dustin and Chris from AZHC, came by to play some grass polo. Glad they did. With so many on the field at a time, you really have to keep your head on a swivil. 15 bikes, 15 mallots, 30 wheels and one lighted ball. MiniMike was the man to beat again. He weaves and bends like no other. Mailman Jay is out still with an elbow strain from Denver. Get well soon.

Big Tim, and all played 3 hard and sweaty games. Monsoon is upon us.

I hear there might be an additional game this Sunday at 6pm.

Jay, I like it : Phx Bike Polo PlayAZ

Back To Reality Last Comment About Denver

Driving 13 hours to Denver was real. Of course we were scepticle about our performance when we got there. Tence to say the least. Dinner, shower and bed, helped night before the tourney. MiniMike was anticipating and pacing till we got to the polo grounds. A roller hockey rink ! Wow. Much larger than any hardcourt we had played on before. It suited us. Our grass field is 100 yards. We kept telling each other, it's only polo, play our way.
I felt like those in charge of the bracketing put us on display right off. Lets see those Phx boys, 1st game, 5/0- Phx.
2nd game, 5/0- "
3rd game 5/0 - "
4th game, 5/3 - "
5th game, 4/5 - lost
6th game, 5/3 - Phx for the Championship
Not one easy or gimmie game. Each team we played were ok and played to win, hard.
When Mailman Jay and MiniMike worked together, they were unbeatable. When we tried to play like them, we suffered.
We learned a ton from others. As goalie, I found out real quick that you are a target. As the advancing team approches, one player will lead in and hack your mallot, trying to force you out of the goal.
Jay took a hard fall on the elbow and lost strength in his hand, but played on. MiniMike fell(slid out) more than I have ever seen him do. I think 5 times at least. I fell once also in the goal, but no big deal.
I heard there was some issues about the bracketing, and some players not happy.
All in all, what a great time. Makes you want tournament play all the time. I know MiniMike wants to. Thanks to Denver for a great time, and prizes and trophy were top notch.
Sorry for the rant. We are back to reality.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 8th 2009 More Bike Polo

Nine players tonight. And Dustin from AZHC showed up and had a lesson in patients. It is so easy to get into a game, think you got it down, and bam ! Lost opportunity, missed shot. We all do it. That's why we keep coming back for more. Be patient...Let your brain catch up with your action. We play to have fun, challenge ourselves, and most important, for most of us, a way to compete. Bike Polo is, and has been for years, a way to have competition between family and friends. It's a great outlet.
Tonight's polo was another example of GREAT competition. Troy and Co. took us to school. With MiniMike working nights, and not able to play Wed., keeping Troy in check is difficult.
Piranha#1(aka Jacob Boyd) took a hard face plant, got up, and continued play. As our young players get better, and show no signs of fear, carnage ensues. A thing of beauty. (Well maybe not to their moms)
Team#1 Mailman Jay, Mooky(Adam), Piranha#1, Piranha#2, and the Narley Old Dude(Me).
Team#2 Troy, Mike T., Dustin, and Ms. Tracy Lyons
Thanks for coming, see you all and maybe more, next week on the grass or the hard court. I hear more AZHC players want to come play with us too.

PS: Totally ready for Denver. One player from LA(Joker) lost his East Vancouver team and called looking for MiniMike, hopping he was available to play on his team. Very cool, but the team is set. Going as team " 3G-PBP " Three Generations/Phoenix Bike Polo.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More News.... Phoenix Bike Polo

Monday, the 13th, Hardcourt Polo at Southern and Dorsey in Tempe. 8PM works.
If you haven't tried this, your missing another great opportunity for some great Bike Polo.

Wednesday, the 15th is Grass Bike Polo night at 7PM. Desert Storm Park, 16th Street and Colter.

Friday, 4AM. MiniMike, Mailman Jay and The NOD (Me) are hitting the road for the Rocky Mtn. Bike Polo Tourney, in Golden Co. Tournament play begins at 12 noon on Sat. If you know us, that is Three Generations of Bike Polo Players. And more than 10 years of grass polo experience. Hardcourt Bike Polo is different. Faster ball, shorter court, 3 man teams, scoring off the end of the mallet, hacking, dragging, concrete(or asphalt) just to name a few diff. Team PBP is way excited, and wished all our local players where there to play or support. With me in the goal and Jay n MiniMike out front, well you know their skills. Should be interesting.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Check this out.. Stuff from the UK

News Flash

Looks like a Sunday, the 5th, game at Southern and Dorsey. The HZHC crew is putting on a pick-up game around 7/8 PM at the usual spot. Loads of fun if you can make it.

Also looks like there will be a Phoenix team, + one, going to Denver the 18th this month. As it is right now, Me, MiniMike, Mailman Jay and Mike T., are going. Stand by, this could change.
From what I've read, LA, NewYork, Canada, and other states will be at this tourny. 3 person teams, 10minute games, roller hocky rink, mile high air. PBP should do well. I'll have two cameras, still and video, rollin.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wed. July 1st. 2009 WOW !! So Many, I Lost Count.

I think at least 14 people showed up to play some Bike Polo last night. When ever the word comes down that a reporter or photographer is coming, we all show up. But Az. Central and crew did not. Totally ok, we had a great time anyway. I can't say that I trust reporters to write about our sport. Too much room for junk.

AZHC was represented by Dustin and Joe Ramus. The boys have skills and very glad they came. Dustin even scored two goals. Sheite !

Nice to see Big Tim there. I think the only person not there was Troy. Another milestone, MiniMike actually drove him and AJ to the park tonight. Got his drivers lic. and now no more taxi service. It's a big deal.

We added another new player last night too. Monica, Matts better half. We are thrilled to include the female attitude to our game. Right Tracy?

Three games played and I could not tell you who won the most. Some highlights: Dustin did his first grass 360, AJ scores at least 6 goals, no mechanicals, Joe Ramus takes off his shirt, Matt scores, Attack and smother MiniMike, hot and sweaty night.

After some time and our guests settling in to our style of play, the Quote of the evening came from Dustin/AZHC, " You guys are just too nice" Thanks my man for that.

Team#1 Mailman Jay, Piranha#1(Jacob) Piranha#2(AJ) Adam, Big Tim, MiniMike, Dustin and Me

Team#2 Mike T., Jim, Tracy, Matt, Monica, Joe Ramus, Eric.

Till next Monday, be safe and maybe see ya on the hardcourt Monday.