Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 8th 2009 More Bike Polo

Nine players tonight. And Dustin from AZHC showed up and had a lesson in patients. It is so easy to get into a game, think you got it down, and bam ! Lost opportunity, missed shot. We all do it. That's why we keep coming back for more. Be patient...Let your brain catch up with your action. We play to have fun, challenge ourselves, and most important, for most of us, a way to compete. Bike Polo is, and has been for years, a way to have competition between family and friends. It's a great outlet.
Tonight's polo was another example of GREAT competition. Troy and Co. took us to school. With MiniMike working nights, and not able to play Wed., keeping Troy in check is difficult.
Piranha#1(aka Jacob Boyd) took a hard face plant, got up, and continued play. As our young players get better, and show no signs of fear, carnage ensues. A thing of beauty. (Well maybe not to their moms)
Team#1 Mailman Jay, Mooky(Adam), Piranha#1, Piranha#2, and the Narley Old Dude(Me).
Team#2 Troy, Mike T., Dustin, and Ms. Tracy Lyons
Thanks for coming, see you all and maybe more, next week on the grass or the hard court. I hear more AZHC players want to come play with us too.

PS: Totally ready for Denver. One player from LA(Joker) lost his East Vancouver team and called looking for MiniMike, hopping he was available to play on his team. Very cool, but the team is set. Going as team " 3G-PBP " Three Generations/Phoenix Bike Polo.

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