Sunday, July 12, 2009

More News.... Phoenix Bike Polo

Monday, the 13th, Hardcourt Polo at Southern and Dorsey in Tempe. 8PM works.
If you haven't tried this, your missing another great opportunity for some great Bike Polo.

Wednesday, the 15th is Grass Bike Polo night at 7PM. Desert Storm Park, 16th Street and Colter.

Friday, 4AM. MiniMike, Mailman Jay and The NOD (Me) are hitting the road for the Rocky Mtn. Bike Polo Tourney, in Golden Co. Tournament play begins at 12 noon on Sat. If you know us, that is Three Generations of Bike Polo Players. And more than 10 years of grass polo experience. Hardcourt Bike Polo is different. Faster ball, shorter court, 3 man teams, scoring off the end of the mallet, hacking, dragging, concrete(or asphalt) just to name a few diff. Team PBP is way excited, and wished all our local players where there to play or support. With me in the goal and Jay n MiniMike out front, well you know their skills. Should be interesting.


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