Thursday, June 25, 2009

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There is a possibility MiniMike my be representing PBP(Phx Bike Polo) in Denver July 18th. Rocky Mtn. Bike Polo Open. Still working out the details, but a Denver team is requesting a player from another state to play. And of course he will represent us well, no doubt.

Wed. June 24th 2009, Az Central and Theresa Dillon

12 Polo Players showed up to enjoy another evening of Bike Polo. Theresa Dillon, reporter from Az Central, took pictures and talked with players and our cheering section. Yes we usually have family and friends show up to watch, cheer, boo, and gossip about the latest events. I will keep you posted on the interviews and photo's from Az Central and Ms. Dillon. She was fun and hoping next time to get her on a bike.
Three games played. And if I remember right the team of Jay and Co. won two. Mike T. was on tonight. His high pick shot was spectacular. One of his shots was from an angle, head high and accurate.
There was this spot, on the field, weird. Jim was the first to fall there, twice, exactly the same place. Then Mike, exactly the same place. Jay thought it might be the Bermuda Triangle. I avoided it ! Some kinda black hole.
Field or Grass Polo is a great game. And our young players are hooked. As I watch(with envy) how each person progresses, I feel comfortable knowing our game will last another 12 years.

Team#1: Mailman Jay, Piranha#1(Jacob), Piranha#2(AJ), MiniMike, Mooky(Adam), and Me
Team#2: Troy, Mike T., Jim, Tracy, Matt and Lil' Anthony
Enjoyed the time playing harcourt polo with the folks at AZHC Monday night. We will be back.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey Jeff! Keep up the great work--- I love checking out the posts and photos!! Thanks for doing this! :c) Tracy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday June 17th 2009 Four Freekin Games

One game in the light and 3 games in the dark. Team#1 won 2 games and Team#2 won 2 games.
Matt scores, Lil' Anthony does a 360, Jay and Piranha#1 lose a couple more spokes, Mike T. breaks a chain, Adam shreds a shift cable, Troy is an animal, and I lose my legs. Sheite ! No way to have more fun.
Team#1 Troy, Tracy, Adam and Piranha#1(Jacob)
Team#2 Jay, Mike T., Matt, Lil' Anthony and Me.

Another one in the books. All the peeps had a great time and the cool and refreshing adult coctails after were goooood too.
Next week, Wed. the 24th Be There

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Night Bike Polo.
Seven PM, at Desert Storm Park. 16th Street and Colter( Block North of Camelback)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wed. June 10th 2009 Unbelievable Weather for Bike Polo

Yes, 80 degrees with a slight breeze. It was one of the best polo games ever. Oh, ummm, 4 games that is. At the end of the third game, it was like unison voices " ONE MORE ". I'll admit, my ass was dragging big time, two points into "IT". Tommy showed up just in time and releived me of my gear, sweaty helmet, bike and mallet. He has been re-habin a injured neck and hasn't played for some time. It was great.

Troy's friend Glen, showed up for the first time( FNG) and after a short rules and safety lecture, he proceeds to score two goals for the evening. Super job ! I really hope he comes back.

Grass Bike Polo is really different from hardcourt polo. But the two should get together. We would be impressed and delighted to have AzHardcourtBikePolo join in the fun.

Team#1: Mailman Jay, Mike T., Piranha#1(Jacob) and Me (with a late sub Tommy)
Team#2: Tracy, Troy, Adam, Piranha#2, and Glen

No matter how we split teams, it works out. Picks and defense were the highlight tonight. No injuries, no broken bikes, although Jay had a couple spokes broken by that badman Troy.

Next time Wed, June 17th, at 7pm with a lighted ball and great fun


Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday, June 3rd 2009 Our 86th Blog Post

Another great Bike Polo pick-up game. Someday we should hold a tourny of our own. Our field, our rules, our ball and mallets. I wonder who would show up?

Should be:
4 people on a team, 15 min. or first to 5 points. Got any ideas?

Team#1, Mailman Jay, Mike T. Piranha#2(AJ), Lil' Anthony and Me
Team#2, Troy McHacker, Ms. Tracy, Adam and Piranha#1(Jacob)

Tonight ,again we split teams and it was even. Team#2 won 2 out of 3, but by a small margin.
Piranha#1 scored the first two goals for their team, and was on fire. Unbelievable defense was the highlight. Mailman Jay can knock down almost any "pick" shot with ease. ONE HANDED !
Nice to see Lil' Anthony. It's been awhile.
We miss those that couldn't make it. See you soon.
Every Wednesday. 16st and Colter, around 7pm. Be there !

Jacob driving The buggy at the shotgun range
AJ's final bball game. Won 13/6 for the champs!
JP doin battle
Two brothers at the hardcourt polo tourny, MiniMike and AJ.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wednesday May 27th More Games

Team#1 Jay, MiniMike, Piranha#1(Jacob) and Ms. Tracy
Team#2 Troy, Mike, Adam, Matt and Me.
Nine players. And what a night of hard, fast and super fun Bike Polo.
Tommy, if you ever see this, I want you to know the fun you are missing.
MiniMike rode from the west side again and was a little pooped at first, but got a second wind the last two games. Boy did he! Thanks Jay and everyone for making it another awesome night. The battles, jousting and high speed pursuit, keep us all in the game. Specially me.
Part of the Lyons Den..Calvin and Maddy
Jay scoring on Mike T.
Father and Son mid-field action...Mailman Jay and Piranha#1 (Jacob)
We would be glad to have anyone come by to play, watch, visit, and enjoy an Arizona evening of Bike Polo.
7/8 pm at 16th Street and Coulter "The Bowl"