Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wed. June 24th 2009, Az Central and Theresa Dillon

12 Polo Players showed up to enjoy another evening of Bike Polo. Theresa Dillon, reporter from Az Central, took pictures and talked with players and our cheering section. Yes we usually have family and friends show up to watch, cheer, boo, and gossip about the latest events. I will keep you posted on the interviews and photo's from Az Central and Ms. Dillon. She was fun and hoping next time to get her on a bike.
Three games played. And if I remember right the team of Jay and Co. won two. Mike T. was on tonight. His high pick shot was spectacular. One of his shots was from an angle, head high and accurate.
There was this spot, on the field, weird. Jim was the first to fall there, twice, exactly the same place. Then Mike, exactly the same place. Jay thought it might be the Bermuda Triangle. I avoided it ! Some kinda black hole.
Field or Grass Polo is a great game. And our young players are hooked. As I watch(with envy) how each person progresses, I feel comfortable knowing our game will last another 12 years.

Team#1: Mailman Jay, Piranha#1(Jacob), Piranha#2(AJ), MiniMike, Mooky(Adam), and Me
Team#2: Troy, Mike T., Jim, Tracy, Matt and Lil' Anthony
Enjoyed the time playing harcourt polo with the folks at AZHC Monday night. We will be back.

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Mike said...

Long live bike polo!!!