Thursday, July 31, 2008


Great games last night! :c) We missed you out there, Jeff! We are looking forward to your return from CA. We had Jim, Troy, Jacob and Adam vs. Mike Tretter, Jay, Tracy, Anthony and his friend "Sha-something" ("aka: Shea). 3 good games were played!!

I am posting a photo of my great ball block imprint, (blocked from my own team's attempted goal... oops, sorry Mike!). :c) Also- I was very thankful to not be "road kill" after ditching my bike. There were some great passes and goals by Jay and Mike, as well as the "opponents"! ;c)
Jacob and Adam look like they have been playing for 10 years now, with their passing and shooting abilities.

Looking forward to the next game! -Tracy

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday July 20th a Cool 98 Degrees

A very rare, cool evening and we took advantage of it. MT, Mooky, Lil'Anthony, Jay, Big Tim, Tracy, and Me, played 3 games. Started at 6pm and lasted till 8:30.
Would you believe some dudes wanted to use our field to play Crickit. What the Hell is Crickit? Someone tried to explain. Something about a flat bat, a tennis ball, and 11 guys. Says its a worldwide sport. Of course I invited him to sample bike polo. But where he comes from they play polo on horses. (Segway) So where do you come from, I asked? India. Oh! Crickit in India. Bike Polo in Phoenix Az. We win. Nice guy. I am curious and will watch them play this Friday.
Nice to have Tracy back. Her and Tommy took a long road trip with their 3 munchkins.
Till next time.....Peace

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog Days of Summer Polo

Wednesday, July 16, 2008. They just wont stay away. I try and try. They just keep coming back for more. 8 players showed up; Piranha#1(pictured with special jersey) Jim(pictured with mallot) Jay(The mailman) Anthony, Th, Tommy, Mooky, and Me! And me! Falling and allowing my handle bars to enter an area that is reserved for future child birth(like I could anyway)Damn it hurt. Play on.
Thanks to all who come, play, and enjoy our crazy sport. Beer after is good too !............JB

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 9th We are Blessed by the Polo God's again

8 crazy, cracked, die hard cyclists showed up for another 3 games of bike polo. Seems like nothing stops the boys these days from playing. Mt, Jay, Mooky, Piranha#1, Jim, Ant, and Tommy (oh and me). I think I could hand pick our top players and challenge any polo players around....opps, crap. Did I just throw out a challenge. Damn right ! Any takers ?

Always trying something new: 26" front, 24" rear, with rear only disc brake. With a few tweeks, I'm thinking this will be a sweet polo steed. Disc brake is smooth and predictable.

TH.. Congradulations on the new baby. Gena we love ya. Good job.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Humid and Hot, Hot, Hot ! Who cares.

Wed. July 2nd. We played 3 hot and humid games. After the sun goes down it does cool down a bit, but the grass is very wet and our front brake only boys find out real quick that sharp right/left turns put your butt down instantly. I think MT was down more than up.

Great gamin' though. 9 hard core folks showed up. Thank god for the youngsters

Their enthusiasm keeps us rockin'. They never rest.

Our Polo " Headbanger" award goes to "Big Jay". Our local mailman who works all day in the Arizona sun and yet finds time to crash, score, and take all of us to school if he gets challenged. The best !