Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 9th We are Blessed by the Polo God's again

8 crazy, cracked, die hard cyclists showed up for another 3 games of bike polo. Seems like nothing stops the boys these days from playing. Mt, Jay, Mooky, Piranha#1, Jim, Ant, and Tommy (oh and me). I think I could hand pick our top players and challenge any polo players around....opps, crap. Did I just throw out a challenge. Damn right ! Any takers ?

Always trying something new: 26" front, 24" rear, with rear only disc brake. With a few tweeks, I'm thinking this will be a sweet polo steed. Disc brake is smooth and predictable.

TH.. Congradulations on the new baby. Gena we love ya. Good job.


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