Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wed. Aug. 26th More Grass Bike Polo

Mailman Jay.. Jim P.. Jacob B.. Adam C.. Greg.. Mike T.. Tommy L.. Tracy L.. Dustin.. Chad and Me.

11 sweaty, stinky bodies all there for one reason. Bike Polo ! There was a noticeable difference from the parking lot down to the grass field in humidity. Not too hot, just wet. Made for some slick tires too.

We played 5x6 and games to 10 pts. Greg likes this. Doesn't interrupt his aerobic workout.

Thanks to Mailman Jay and Mike T. for lugging extra bikes out for our guests to play on. We really enjoy their play and participation.

3 games played. The school aged players left at 10pm. Mom's rules and a good one. Game #3 left us with 6 players and 3x3 is a blast on a hundred yard field. What a workout.

See you all Monday the 31st. on the hard court.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aug. 2009 AJ Finally Trys Clip Shoes

Grass Assault

He did an endo at polo Wed. from his foot rolling off the peddles. Painfull. So we are now in training with clipless. Falling a dozen times and blood from an ankle rip, but progress. He says he is use to it already. One evening of riding...Ha.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday Aug 19th 2009 Some great Grass Polo

18 people showed up to play tonight. It is good to see that night time play is alive and well.

We made the decision to split into 3 teams of 6 each, with 15 minute periods or first to 5 pts. The best play yet. 6x6 is still alot of bikes on the field at a time but better than 18.

We found the games more intense with a sense of urgency once scored upon. They went quick and the first 3 games everyone won and everyone lost. Very even picks.

PBP roster: Jay, Jim, Mike T, Troy, MiniMike, Jacob, AJ, Tommy, Tracy, Matt, Monica, Adam, Jeff.

AZHC roster: Dustin, Joe, Chris, Mike, Chad.

And all stepped up and delivered some amazing action once again. One quote of the evening, "Grass Bike Polo is a good training ground for hardcourt" I agree, cross training only makes you a better all around player.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hardcourt and Grass Bike Polo

Bike Polo three times this week.

Monday Polo with AZHC , in Tempe , Lots of people and tons of games

Wed. Polo with PBP Polo PlayAZ, in Phx, 16 players, 3 games

Thur. Polo with AZHC , in Tempe.. Special edition play with out-of-town players.

Wednesday the 12th:

Last night games were different. 8 on a side bike polo makes for some strange and weird games.

16 bikes on the field is truly a test of control. Maybe it's time to CONTROL the number of players on the field at a time. With that many it is hard to get the ball or be passed to and have some sort of polo experience. All need to participate. I am going to suggest no more than 5 on a side at a time, with some sort of time constraint. If tied at that point, add 5 minutes for sudden death, and if no score, it ends in a tie.

I do not like rules. Our sport was started with few rules. But safety comes first. Then fun and the

ability to enjoy the experience.

We switched teams around some last night, so its impossible to remember the team rosters.

But the team of Mailman Jay, Piranha#1, Dustin, etc. won 2 of 3.
See you on the field/court

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Aug.5th 2009 Polo Dedication

Well I've seen it all now. 8 players showed up and 1/2 way through the second game, Troy shows up in his finest street and business attire. Decked out for some serious boardroom discussion. We played, he watched, and watched for about 10 minutes. I just got off the plane, he tells us and have bike and equipment but no cycling clothes. He disappears. 5 minutes later with rolled up slacks(not dockers either) and sporting a very white t-shirt, jumps in for a game and a half. A sweet sight fer sure. My only bitch is , NO CAMERA ! sorry... Troy is a stud!
3 hard battles on the grass tonight. Adam, our new High Schooler, is fast becoming our top dribbler and scoring machine. He seems to be in the right place all the time.

Team#1: Jay, Adam, Mike T. and Me
Team#2: MiniMike, AJ, Jacob and Jim.
With both Piranha(AJ,Jacob) on your team, good for you. They don't like to lose.
Mailman Jay was on fire tonight. He can do things that make you look like a Noob.
See you all next Wed. the 12th at 7pm

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wednesday July 29th Grass Roots Bike Polo

My dear friend Tracy came up with Grass Roots. No matter what the future holds for Phoenix Bike Polo, it started on the grass, and will always be our first love.
I am not keeping very good track of people that show up for polo these days. I think 13 folks showed up to play tonight. Lots, and heads on swivels again. Chris from AZHC came by again but is still nursing a broken clavicle. Nice to have good friends.

I think in the near future we are going to put together a rule book of our own. Didn't think we would, but it is obvious we need it. More discussion.
Tonight was a good night. No broken anything. Big Tim flatted and had him back playing in no time.
Piranha#1#2#3 are all 11 years old now. Leo is the latest to turn the double digit ones. Birthday couple nights ago, I got him and Jacob with the whip cream pie in the face. Loved it!
Monday,s are still going on with AZHC polo. Troy, Mailman Jay, Jacob and me, played from 8:30 till 11:30 . We learn as we go. Great fun. And Polo twice a week now. Whats better than that?