Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday Aug 19th 2009 Some great Grass Polo

18 people showed up to play tonight. It is good to see that night time play is alive and well.

We made the decision to split into 3 teams of 6 each, with 15 minute periods or first to 5 pts. The best play yet. 6x6 is still alot of bikes on the field at a time but better than 18.

We found the games more intense with a sense of urgency once scored upon. They went quick and the first 3 games everyone won and everyone lost. Very even picks.

PBP roster: Jay, Jim, Mike T, Troy, MiniMike, Jacob, AJ, Tommy, Tracy, Matt, Monica, Adam, Jeff.

AZHC roster: Dustin, Joe, Chris, Mike, Chad.

And all stepped up and delivered some amazing action once again. One quote of the evening, "Grass Bike Polo is a good training ground for hardcourt" I agree, cross training only makes you a better all around player.


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