Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hardcourt and Grass Bike Polo

Bike Polo three times this week.

Monday Polo with AZHC , in Tempe , Lots of people and tons of games

Wed. Polo with PBP Polo PlayAZ, in Phx, 16 players, 3 games

Thur. Polo with AZHC , in Tempe.. Special edition play with out-of-town players.

Wednesday the 12th:

Last night games were different. 8 on a side bike polo makes for some strange and weird games.

16 bikes on the field is truly a test of control. Maybe it's time to CONTROL the number of players on the field at a time. With that many it is hard to get the ball or be passed to and have some sort of polo experience. All need to participate. I am going to suggest no more than 5 on a side at a time, with some sort of time constraint. If tied at that point, add 5 minutes for sudden death, and if no score, it ends in a tie.

I do not like rules. Our sport was started with few rules. But safety comes first. Then fun and the

ability to enjoy the experience.

We switched teams around some last night, so its impossible to remember the team rosters.

But the team of Mailman Jay, Piranha#1, Dustin, etc. won 2 of 3.
See you on the field/court

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