Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday Aug.5th 2009 Polo Dedication

Well I've seen it all now. 8 players showed up and 1/2 way through the second game, Troy shows up in his finest street and business attire. Decked out for some serious boardroom discussion. We played, he watched, and watched for about 10 minutes. I just got off the plane, he tells us and have bike and equipment but no cycling clothes. He disappears. 5 minutes later with rolled up slacks(not dockers either) and sporting a very white t-shirt, jumps in for a game and a half. A sweet sight fer sure. My only bitch is , NO CAMERA ! sorry... Troy is a stud!
3 hard battles on the grass tonight. Adam, our new High Schooler, is fast becoming our top dribbler and scoring machine. He seems to be in the right place all the time.

Team#1: Jay, Adam, Mike T. and Me
Team#2: MiniMike, AJ, Jacob and Jim.
With both Piranha(AJ,Jacob) on your team, good for you. They don't like to lose.
Mailman Jay was on fire tonight. He can do things that make you look like a Noob.
See you all next Wed. the 12th at 7pm

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