Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thursday,Jan. 1 LETS PLAY !

The word is 10 am New Years Day !


Tuesday, Dec. 23rd Pre-Christmas Games

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE ! Tuesday worked for most to play before Christmas. Even with some folks out of town, we still had 7 players. The word got out to start at 6pm instead of 7, a little warmer, maybe. Soccer players ruined that idea. So 7 it was after all. Excellent play. 2 games to 15 again. Some of our 'Ol faithfull rear wheels are starting to show age and serious wear. Piranha #1's wheel bearings finally gave up. So he played on my Steed and I sat out for a game. Well worth getting to watch and enjoy everyone play and smack-talk along the way. Wished it was daylight to take some new photo's.
Team#1: Troy, Jim, Adam
Team#2: Jay, Piranha #1, and Big Tim

Heard the beer god's talking about possibly a game on New Years Day !
I'll work on that.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wednesday, Dec. 23 2008 New Comments

THANK YOU ! Comments on the blog are very welcome. It proves folks are interested.

Polo tonight is going to be cold. I will post a report after christmas sometime.

**Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year**to everyone .


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, Dec. 10th Getting Chilly

10 cycling cyclists showed up to play and wish Mailman Jay, Happy Birthday. What a night. I am always amazed at how playing at night with minimum lighting, with only the glow from a lighted wiffle ball, there are no more crashes, collisions, and blood drawn than there is. Just think...10 bikes, 20 wheels with spokes, 10 mallet's ( approx. 40"long sticks), 10 people, ages 10 to 58, with one thing in mind. Attack the ball and score. It's like everyone knows where everyone else is at all times. Crazy !
The temperature difference from the parking lot to the polo park is at least 10 degrees cooler. About a 25 foot elevation difference in a bowl.
3 games played and I think Jay had a great b-day gift by winning most games.

Team#1: Mailman Jay, MiniMike, Tommy, Tracy and Me.
Team#2: MT, Troy, Jim, Piranha#2, and Adam.

We missed Piranha#1 ( Jacob ) He was sick.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday, Dec. 7th 2008 North Scottsdale Troon Ride

What can I say. 100 miles of single track. Jay, Piranha#1, Laura Jo and I ride a 10 mile loop of our most favorite section of the Sonoran Desert. Dynamite and Pima.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wed. Dec.3rd 2008 Only 2 Wild Games Played

I've said it before. It does not matter how we devide teams, good things happen, and it is equal. 10 players showed. We only played two games .And each game went to 15. Thats like playing 3 games to 10 pts each. Marathon vollies. Amazing defense, blocked shots, weird scoring. I think everyone contributed to goals. Big Tim was on. His ball control and passing was extra good. Of course Jay the Mailman, made some of the most incredible plays of the evening. Oh did I mention he is my SON ?
Each team won a game apiece. Very exciting stuff. Jay's front wheel is supposed to have 32 spokes. 9 are missing. Think its time for some repair. Again, a testament to bike parts and there ability to take maximum abuse.

Missed you Tracy !

Team#1: Jay, Piranha#1, Jim, Tommy, and Me
Team#2: Big Tim, Mike, Troy, Piranha#2, and Mooky
Pics: Mooky's first day with clipless. Did good. Only fell 6 times.
Jim in yellow. Said somthing about needing beer.
The main body of Miss-Fits: L-to-R; Mike, Jay, Troy, Tommy, Jim
Till next time, Get out and ride