Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd Pre-Christmas Games

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE ! Tuesday worked for most to play before Christmas. Even with some folks out of town, we still had 7 players. The word got out to start at 6pm instead of 7, a little warmer, maybe. Soccer players ruined that idea. So 7 it was after all. Excellent play. 2 games to 15 again. Some of our 'Ol faithfull rear wheels are starting to show age and serious wear. Piranha #1's wheel bearings finally gave up. So he played on my Steed and I sat out for a game. Well worth getting to watch and enjoy everyone play and smack-talk along the way. Wished it was daylight to take some new photo's.
Team#1: Troy, Jim, Adam
Team#2: Jay, Piranha #1, and Big Tim

Heard the beer god's talking about possibly a game on New Years Day !
I'll work on that.

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