Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sorry for the Lax Attention to the Blog.

Santa Cruz Birthday Polo Tourney...David"Pistolero" and Sarah
Poconips, A condemned resort in the foothills, one half of the court cleaned and ready for play

I was in Santa Cruz(Felton) for the Tour of California bike race too. Pics soon.

They greeted the NOD with open arms and made me feel that I belonged. Very nice.

This was put on by the Santa Cruz Ca. Crew. Free spirit, good peeps and polo. Nothing better!
Approx. 10 teams, mine fini fourth.

JimP has set up a wordpress blog and forum for us. Very soon we will announce the change. There is alot going on and I have catching up to do.

I am excited to start PBP's own forum. It will be OPEN for all to use and create topics and comments. I intend it to be bike polo(or it's all about the bike) specific, but we'll see how it goes.

Jeff the NOD