Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday Night at the Y

Hot Rod(Justin) is getting way better on his new ride
Familiar shot of MiniMike

And Piranha#1 (Jacob Boyd)

When you have the passion for polo, it is hard to just watch. I'm not good at it. Maybe my new roll is official heckler and play by play. Some even say I would make a good ref at tournies. No mercy !

Lots of good quality games tonight. Julio broke his fixie again(GEEEZ) and played/ rode my new NYC bike. Minimike was on tonight. Troy made it too. At the end of the eve there was a grudge match. Tournament style. Teams: Mailman Jay, MiniMike and Davy Carfax vs. Mike T, Troy and Piranha#1(Jacob). Jays team won 3 zip I think.

Wednesday April 21st and Grass Polo. Any time after 7:30. 16th street and Colter.
JB the NOD

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just finished new bike

NYCity Bikes Frame 17", Sugino cranks, Milwaukee bash guard 35 tooth ring. Shimano single speed hanger, Volume bars, Bontrager stem, Gusset grips and Avid single digit. Surly 21 cog w surly single speed spacers. Forte' v-brakes w Ultimate CnC brake booster. Sun Mammoth "Fat" rims w 36 hole Sachs hubs ( bolt on). FSA seat post w SDG Bel-Air saddle. Cane Creek Ahead set. MTB Hi-Ten china fork. Shimano 545 spd peddles and Forte' "Gotham" 26x 1.75 tires.

Mailman Jay

More Pics

Mailman Jay doin a wheelie on a tall bike
Mtb'er Scores !!

Her basket lid comes open often

JB's solid new build

No fear young lady
A fun, and successful bike day in Tempe Az!!

TBAG (Tempe Bicycle Action Group) BBQ and Social Event

Testin the NOD's new build.

Sunday was a fun day in the sun with a bike. Papago park was the scene for TBAG hosting a BBQ and PBP was invited to set up and showcase bike polo.

This was one of the busiest days ever. Up at 3am, drove to Tucson for the bi-annual bike swap meet. This is an event destination. The in entire 4th ave block is closed for this. Lots of goodies sold , traded, and bought. It's good to hang with MT. He has a nose for finding the deal of the century.

Then hauled ass back to Phx for the Tbag BBQ by 2pm with bikes and gear, to share our sport with noob friendlies. And it was good. Girls/women played, laughed and had fun along with some very good seasoned mountain bikers. Felt bad for one Mtb'er, back wheel came loose and broke derailleur hanger, done for the day. But he had a huge smile on his face. Good enough for me.

I had just finished a new polo build and brought it for testing. It got a full day of borrowed use. Solid at the end of the day. Me happy.

All types of bikes were represented. Tandems, Unies, Mtb, Fixie, Comfort, Road, Cruiser, Handmade tall, Loungers, Touring and more. Two guys on handmade tall bikes even tried their hand at jousting. Crazy.

This was also a first for PBP and AZHC. Noobs out numbered vet players easily 2:1. Did I mention this was on grass, with pbp grass style mallets and ball. I am sure everyone had a super good time. Thanks for the host organizers, TBAG, Mike Tretter for bringing the gear bag, goals and extra bikes. Mailman Jay and Piranha#1 for your good tutoring and extra bikes. Dus for being the polo ambassador. Good food, Excellent keg beer, and friendship.
Looking forward to Tbags next adventure. Thank You !!
JB the NOD

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday at the YMCA...... Crashville !

Good crowd, Tons of polo played. And of course I had just mentioned that I had not taken a tumble in some time. Well hell bent and self inflicted malot under the front tire and I went down hard. Right shoulder fail and head bounced off the hocky rink floor a few times. I will never understand why some don't were their skid lids. My Giro saved my ol' cranium. Xrays tomorrow.
YEA!!! No broken bones. Guess the ol' Marine is still purty salty. Heat, ice, ibuprofen, polo.

More of Monday Funday

BTW...Flash!! Altman is free at last !

Monday Night Funday

Only one rule...Have fun!!
Good idea Justinrunns

Thursday, April 8, 2010

ABQ NM Tourney April 2010

ABQ Friendly

This was a great "first" tourney for the ABQ crew. Nice job.

Me, Mailman Jay and Piranha#1(Jacob) went and unbelievably won the event. Jay and Jacob did their magic. 3G...Three Generations of polo players. Very proud.

Hannah, Davy Carfax and Dustin from AZHC also made the trek. Denver, Colo. Springs and San Diego were there too. Saturday the locals also put on a side match of 2v2. Jacob and Jay paired with other cities to win 1st and 2nd. Jacob took MVP honors for the regular match and Mailman Jay took MVP for the side match.

Thanks to Bret, Robin and all who put this on. Well worth the drive.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow Where Does The Time Go ?

First : Tuesday Bike Polo at the YMCA roller hockey rink.

9 peeps. All grass players but one, Davey. We had a blast. The highlight of the evening was a spectacular crash between Piranha #1 and #2. At top speed Jacob speared AJ in the goal for a saved shot. These two have no fear and don't have any respect for their elders(on the court that is).Played the regular 3x3 hardcourt version for 12 games of pick-up and the last game grass style. ALL IN ! 5x4. It was mayhem. Very hard to score, but way fun and dead ass tired at the end.

Second: Wednesday Grass Bike Polo at the sacred polo grounds. 8 peeps, so with 4x4 and three games played to 10, our butts were kicked. I broke a chain right off, and there were several crashes, nothing too serious.

It is an amazing thing to play two different versions of bike polo, grass and hardcourt, and do each relativly well. And I do believe that our young guys have developed their cannon like shots, ball handling, and passing, from their grass roots. If this sport lasts, Jacob, AJ, MiniMike and others, will be at the top of the game of Bike Polo.
The photo's :
MiniMike at DPI-2
Ben Schultz at Bench Minor Tourney in NYC. Nets are going to be the norm and required at all major events.
Mailman Jay, Piranha #1 and Me ( 3G) are leaving tomorrow Friday the 2nd of April for Santa Fe NM. The ABQ Polo club is hosting a Friendly mini like tourney there. 16 or less teams. Should be fun and we want to support our Southwest Polo friends. Results next week.
JB the NOD