Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow Where Does The Time Go ?

First : Tuesday Bike Polo at the YMCA roller hockey rink.

9 peeps. All grass players but one, Davey. We had a blast. The highlight of the evening was a spectacular crash between Piranha #1 and #2. At top speed Jacob speared AJ in the goal for a saved shot. These two have no fear and don't have any respect for their elders(on the court that is).Played the regular 3x3 hardcourt version for 12 games of pick-up and the last game grass style. ALL IN ! 5x4. It was mayhem. Very hard to score, but way fun and dead ass tired at the end.

Second: Wednesday Grass Bike Polo at the sacred polo grounds. 8 peeps, so with 4x4 and three games played to 10, our butts were kicked. I broke a chain right off, and there were several crashes, nothing too serious.

It is an amazing thing to play two different versions of bike polo, grass and hardcourt, and do each relativly well. And I do believe that our young guys have developed their cannon like shots, ball handling, and passing, from their grass roots. If this sport lasts, Jacob, AJ, MiniMike and others, will be at the top of the game of Bike Polo.
The photo's :
MiniMike at DPI-2
Ben Schultz at Bench Minor Tourney in NYC. Nets are going to be the norm and required at all major events.
Mailman Jay, Piranha #1 and Me ( 3G) are leaving tomorrow Friday the 2nd of April for Santa Fe NM. The ABQ Polo club is hosting a Friendly mini like tourney there. 16 or less teams. Should be fun and we want to support our Southwest Polo friends. Results next week.
JB the NOD

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