Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday at the YMCA...... Crashville !

Good crowd, Tons of polo played. And of course I had just mentioned that I had not taken a tumble in some time. Well hell bent and self inflicted malot under the front tire and I went down hard. Right shoulder fail and head bounced off the hocky rink floor a few times. I will never understand why some don't were their skid lids. My Giro saved my ol' cranium. Xrays tomorrow.
YEA!!! No broken bones. Guess the ol' Marine is still purty salty. Heat, ice, ibuprofen, polo.


Sveden said...

Ouch, glad you were well enough to get yourself to the hospital for xrays. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.


Max Cosmo said...

phx shows their faces a few times