Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday Night at the Y

Hot Rod(Justin) is getting way better on his new ride
Familiar shot of MiniMike

And Piranha#1 (Jacob Boyd)

When you have the passion for polo, it is hard to just watch. I'm not good at it. Maybe my new roll is official heckler and play by play. Some even say I would make a good ref at tournies. No mercy !

Lots of good quality games tonight. Julio broke his fixie again(GEEEZ) and played/ rode my new NYC bike. Minimike was on tonight. Troy made it too. At the end of the eve there was a grudge match. Tournament style. Teams: Mailman Jay, MiniMike and Davy Carfax vs. Mike T, Troy and Piranha#1(Jacob). Jays team won 3 zip I think.

Wednesday April 21st and Grass Polo. Any time after 7:30. 16th street and Colter.
JB the NOD

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Mailman-J said...

With the BIG tourneys comin up I hope ALL will be playing EVERY chance. I know I will. Its nice wheather right now but only gonna get hotter. We have the opportunity to play 4 times a week, & I am bummed if we miss even ONE. AZ BIKE POLO is the Best in the WORLD!