Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday May 2010 Games

Justin "Hot Rod" and Julio
The "Dus"


The famous Mailman Jay move at the Goalie.

Nathon Perryman the Noob!

12 Peeps game to the best practice spot. Hardy and Baseline in Tempe. Play usually starts around 2pm and lasts till 5/6pm. This court is an old, unused tennis court, no nets and the pipes removed. It is situated between the freeway and the Az canal, in the farthest back corner of the Monarch Apt complex. If this place had lights, it would be the best Tempe summer place to play bike polo.

This day started out cool and windy. At one point, I wished I'd left my wheel covers at home. The wind made my bike feel like a sail boat. Very hard to control. It calmed down later in the afternoon.

We had a visitor from Tulsa, Steven Southard. Always great to have good folk jump in and play. Also an FNG showed up to try his hand as well, Nathon Perryman. MTB'er at heart, now hooked on bike polo. Thanks for comin Nate!!

Lets give props to all who came:

Mailman Jay, Piranha#1 and #2. MiniMike, Justinrunns, Hot Rod(Justin), Julio, Nathon, Stevenso, Davy Carfax, Dus, and Me.

Come to Monday Funday at Dorsey and Southern, where the emphasis is on new players with a softer competitive edge. Fun times.

JB the NOD

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Phoenix Bike Polo JB The N.O.D said...

Wow!!!!!! Monday Funday is turning out to be the spot-o-the-week. Much happening here. Lots of new folks and interest in bike polo. I see fun and the need for a clinic. If you start with good habits, you'll play with good skills.