Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wednesday, Dec. 10th Getting Chilly

10 cycling cyclists showed up to play and wish Mailman Jay, Happy Birthday. What a night. I am always amazed at how playing at night with minimum lighting, with only the glow from a lighted wiffle ball, there are no more crashes, collisions, and blood drawn than there is. Just think...10 bikes, 20 wheels with spokes, 10 mallet's ( approx. 40"long sticks), 10 people, ages 10 to 58, with one thing in mind. Attack the ball and score. It's like everyone knows where everyone else is at all times. Crazy !
The temperature difference from the parking lot to the polo park is at least 10 degrees cooler. About a 25 foot elevation difference in a bowl.
3 games played and I think Jay had a great b-day gift by winning most games.

Team#1: Mailman Jay, MiniMike, Tommy, Tracy and Me.
Team#2: MT, Troy, Jim, Piranha#2, and Adam.

We missed Piranha#1 ( Jacob ) He was sick.


Ranchero-J said...

Thanks Dad for an Awesome Birthday! Can't thank you enough for all you do to keep ME going. We All appreciate you keeping Polo & the blog alive.

Ranchero-J said...

Thanks Dad for an Awesome Birthday! And for everything you do to keep me going and keeping Polo & the blog alive.

m!cH@eL said...

cool pics blog site lookn good... minimike