Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wed. Aug. 26th More Grass Bike Polo

Mailman Jay.. Jim P.. Jacob B.. Adam C.. Greg.. Mike T.. Tommy L.. Tracy L.. Dustin.. Chad and Me.

11 sweaty, stinky bodies all there for one reason. Bike Polo ! There was a noticeable difference from the parking lot down to the grass field in humidity. Not too hot, just wet. Made for some slick tires too.

We played 5x6 and games to 10 pts. Greg likes this. Doesn't interrupt his aerobic workout.

Thanks to Mailman Jay and Mike T. for lugging extra bikes out for our guests to play on. We really enjoy their play and participation.

3 games played. The school aged players left at 10pm. Mom's rules and a good one. Game #3 left us with 6 players and 3x3 is a blast on a hundred yard field. What a workout.

See you all Monday the 31st. on the hard court.


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