Thursday, July 31, 2008


Great games last night! :c) We missed you out there, Jeff! We are looking forward to your return from CA. We had Jim, Troy, Jacob and Adam vs. Mike Tretter, Jay, Tracy, Anthony and his friend "Sha-something" ("aka: Shea). 3 good games were played!!

I am posting a photo of my great ball block imprint, (blocked from my own team's attempted goal... oops, sorry Mike!). :c) Also- I was very thankful to not be "road kill" after ditching my bike. There were some great passes and goals by Jay and Mike, as well as the "opponents"! ;c)
Jacob and Adam look like they have been playing for 10 years now, with their passing and shooting abilities.

Looking forward to the next game! -Tracy

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bikerflex said...

Ouch!! Looks painful Tracy. The old ball welt strikes again.
See you guys real soon.