Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 2008 Monsoon Mayhem

All the Stars were out tonight. 12 players came to do battle. There is so much talent, it is hard to pick teams. When ya start looking at each players skills; Speed, Ball handling, Defence, Trash talk, Scoring ability, Passing, Team work, and enough GAS in the tank to hang for 4 games, well, difficult to say the least.
What an awesome problem to have. It's good to be back. Missed everyone.
Team #1: Troy, Tomster(the Lyons den), MiniMike, Piranha#1(Jacob), Mooky, Lil' Anthony
Team#2: Jay the Mailman, MT, Big Tim, Piranha#2(AJ), Piranha#3(Leo) and Me
If you could see 19 year old MiniMike in action, you would not believe it ! What he does on a bike is totally unbelievable. He is left handed and plays lefty. He blew a tire late in the evening. I gave him my righty, and you would never know he was wrong handed. Domination extroidinair.
Sorry to miss the cool and refreshing adult beverages after. Taxi service and all. Next time. Peace..................JB

P.S The image is of "MiniMike,Piranah#1,#2,and #3.

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