Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday, Aug. 10th. 2008 The "Evil Grate" Vomits

There is a reason it is called "Desert Storm Park". Freeway run-off. The park is 50 yards from the 51 freeway, and water is literally blown from street to park in heavy monsoon rains. So consider what gathers in a drain system for months of dry season. Besides 9 old polo balls, glass, paper, tire shrapnel, car parts, bike parts, medical gloves, general crap, one poor RAT was unfortunate to have taken up residency there. The park is approx. 150 yards long. Stuff was scattered to the far end of the field. Me, the Piranha, MT, and Jay picked up and cleaned up as much glass and junk as we could.

We played. 8 cyclists endured the smell, heat, humidity and fear of the flat tire.

Bicycles are an amazing thing. We punish, abuse, trash, neglect, ride like Hanns, and they keep coming back for more. 3 games played. I think we all had fun.

See ya Wednesday at 7 pm

PS. Images are MT tapping up a glow stick. And the Evil Grate Spews.

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