Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday, Aug.13, 2008 A Record Night to Remember

Unbelievable ! 14 Polo players showed up, played, had a great time and no one got hurt. A record number for a Wednesday night. After a brief pep talk with our youngest players about safety, 3 games were played. And played hard. Needless to say, as a veteran player(and I mean veteran) I am very proud of our boys and girl. They are smart but fearless, safe and yet very aggressive. It's good to be part of the gang.

Team#1- Jay, MT, Piranha #1 and #2, Tracy, Crazy Ivan, and Jim.

Team#2- Troy, Big Tim, Mooky, Lil' Anthony, Tommy, MiniMike and Me.

Whew! See what your missing? Gooood Gamin'.

See ya Sunday the 17th at 6pm. Hope those Cricket guys don't show up.


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