Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday July 20th a Cool 98 Degrees

A very rare, cool evening and we took advantage of it. MT, Mooky, Lil'Anthony, Jay, Big Tim, Tracy, and Me, played 3 games. Started at 6pm and lasted till 8:30.
Would you believe some dudes wanted to use our field to play Crickit. What the Hell is Crickit? Someone tried to explain. Something about a flat bat, a tennis ball, and 11 guys. Says its a worldwide sport. Of course I invited him to sample bike polo. But where he comes from they play polo on horses. (Segway) So where do you come from, I asked? India. Oh! Crickit in India. Bike Polo in Phoenix Az. We win. Nice guy. I am curious and will watch them play this Friday.
Nice to have Tracy back. Her and Tommy took a long road trip with their 3 munchkins.
Till next time.....Peace

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