Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday, June 3rd 2009 Our 86th Blog Post

Another great Bike Polo pick-up game. Someday we should hold a tourny of our own. Our field, our rules, our ball and mallets. I wonder who would show up?

Should be:
4 people on a team, 15 min. or first to 5 points. Got any ideas?

Team#1, Mailman Jay, Mike T. Piranha#2(AJ), Lil' Anthony and Me
Team#2, Troy McHacker, Ms. Tracy, Adam and Piranha#1(Jacob)

Tonight ,again we split teams and it was even. Team#2 won 2 out of 3, but by a small margin.
Piranha#1 scored the first two goals for their team, and was on fire. Unbelievable defense was the highlight. Mailman Jay can knock down almost any "pick" shot with ease. ONE HANDED !
Nice to see Lil' Anthony. It's been awhile.
We miss those that couldn't make it. See you soon.
Every Wednesday. 16st and Colter, around 7pm. Be there !

Jacob driving The buggy at the shotgun range
AJ's final bball game. Won 13/6 for the champs!
JP doin battle
Two brothers at the hardcourt polo tourny, MiniMike and AJ.

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