Monday, June 1, 2009

Wednesday May 27th More Games

Team#1 Jay, MiniMike, Piranha#1(Jacob) and Ms. Tracy
Team#2 Troy, Mike, Adam, Matt and Me.
Nine players. And what a night of hard, fast and super fun Bike Polo.
Tommy, if you ever see this, I want you to know the fun you are missing.
MiniMike rode from the west side again and was a little pooped at first, but got a second wind the last two games. Boy did he! Thanks Jay and everyone for making it another awesome night. The battles, jousting and high speed pursuit, keep us all in the game. Specially me.
Part of the Lyons Den..Calvin and Maddy
Jay scoring on Mike T.
Father and Son mid-field action...Mailman Jay and Piranha#1 (Jacob)
We would be glad to have anyone come by to play, watch, visit, and enjoy an Arizona evening of Bike Polo.
7/8 pm at 16th Street and Coulter "The Bowl"

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