Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wednesday July 22nd 14 or 15 I Don't Remember

There were alot of folks at polo tonight. Dustin and Chris from AZHC, came by to play some grass polo. Glad they did. With so many on the field at a time, you really have to keep your head on a swivil. 15 bikes, 15 mallots, 30 wheels and one lighted ball. MiniMike was the man to beat again. He weaves and bends like no other. Mailman Jay is out still with an elbow strain from Denver. Get well soon.

Big Tim, and all played 3 hard and sweaty games. Monsoon is upon us.

I hear there might be an additional game this Sunday at 6pm.

Jay, I like it : Phx Bike Polo PlayAZ

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