Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back To Reality Last Comment About Denver

Driving 13 hours to Denver was real. Of course we were scepticle about our performance when we got there. Tence to say the least. Dinner, shower and bed, helped night before the tourney. MiniMike was anticipating and pacing till we got to the polo grounds. A roller hockey rink ! Wow. Much larger than any hardcourt we had played on before. It suited us. Our grass field is 100 yards. We kept telling each other, it's only polo, play our way.
I felt like those in charge of the bracketing put us on display right off. Lets see those Phx boys, 1st game, 5/0- Phx.
2nd game, 5/0- "
3rd game 5/0 - "
4th game, 5/3 - "
5th game, 4/5 - lost
6th game, 5/3 - Phx for the Championship
Not one easy or gimmie game. Each team we played were ok and played to win, hard.
When Mailman Jay and MiniMike worked together, they were unbeatable. When we tried to play like them, we suffered.
We learned a ton from others. As goalie, I found out real quick that you are a target. As the advancing team approches, one player will lead in and hack your mallot, trying to force you out of the goal.
Jay took a hard fall on the elbow and lost strength in his hand, but played on. MiniMike fell(slid out) more than I have ever seen him do. I think 5 times at least. I fell once also in the goal, but no big deal.
I heard there was some issues about the bracketing, and some players not happy.
All in all, what a great time. Makes you want tournament play all the time. I know MiniMike wants to. Thanks to Denver for a great time, and prizes and trophy were top notch.
Sorry for the rant. We are back to reality.


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