Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wed. July 1st. 2009 WOW !! So Many, I Lost Count.

I think at least 14 people showed up to play some Bike Polo last night. When ever the word comes down that a reporter or photographer is coming, we all show up. But Az. Central and crew did not. Totally ok, we had a great time anyway. I can't say that I trust reporters to write about our sport. Too much room for junk.

AZHC was represented by Dustin and Joe Ramus. The boys have skills and very glad they came. Dustin even scored two goals. Sheite !

Nice to see Big Tim there. I think the only person not there was Troy. Another milestone, MiniMike actually drove him and AJ to the park tonight. Got his drivers lic. and now no more taxi service. It's a big deal.

We added another new player last night too. Monica, Matts better half. We are thrilled to include the female attitude to our game. Right Tracy?

Three games played and I could not tell you who won the most. Some highlights: Dustin did his first grass 360, AJ scores at least 6 goals, no mechanicals, Joe Ramus takes off his shirt, Matt scores, Attack and smother MiniMike, hot and sweaty night.

After some time and our guests settling in to our style of play, the Quote of the evening came from Dustin/AZHC, " You guys are just too nice" Thanks my man for that.

Team#1 Mailman Jay, Piranha#1(Jacob) Piranha#2(AJ) Adam, Big Tim, MiniMike, Dustin and Me

Team#2 Mike T., Jim, Tracy, Matt, Monica, Joe Ramus, Eric.

Till next Monday, be safe and maybe see ya on the hardcourt Monday.


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