Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Evil Grate Slayer....MT

Wednesday, June 18... Six players showed up to ride, swing, gouge,fall,trash talk,and tear up the sod. Tommy, Jim, JB, Mooky, Jake, and piranha in training, Anthony, played 4 games. Blood was not spared. Anthony has a virticle smile on his leg he will be proud of for a bit.
Games are played to 10 points, win by two, first one to 15 wins. No time limits. If teams are evenly matched, a game can last an hour. 4 games....4 hours......(I agree !)
Some of us have played for more than 11 years, and yet, I still get excited everytime we play. Out of necessity, over the years, we have become bike mechanics one and all. I think we should be a proving ground for Shimano, Grip shift, Haro, Specialized, and many other componants. Our local bike shops help alot.
Till next time...oil that chain.

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