Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mooky !

Howdy all.... Last Sunday, June 1st., polo took back seat to family, work, camping, baseball, and favorite TV programs. So we did not play.

But wait.... Wed. the 4th, we had 9 all male studs show up early, excited to play and inflict pain and unusual punishment on each other(and we call them friends). A young and talented 10 year old boy who lives in the Motel next door asked if he could play. His name is Anthony. Of course you can. Just get your bike and helmet and jump right in. So he shows up with a 24" full suspendid big box store special with a half flat rear tire. I give him a mallot, he jumps right in and CRAP ! He is literaly everywhere. He did everything but score. Good guy, and just crazy enough to be a Phoenix MTB polo player. I hope he comes back.

We played 4 freekin games. Other than wiffle balls ( hencho in china) breaking, no other major losses. Jay experienced some discomfort when defending the goal, some one tripped him up and his mallot handle gouged his male tenderness. OUCH. Shake it off Bro.

Our new friend Anthony is a testament to how we opperate. All are welcome, Safety, Fun, Sickness Peace JB

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Jim Panzer said...

Awesome job on the blogger Jeff! And excellent game last night as well, made the beer taste even better!!!! See you all soon!