Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunday Bike Polo

What can I say. We are blessed with Stellar Arizona weather, a perfect place to play, and a few "deranged" cyclists who come to swing long weapons at each other.

Sunday, June 8, 2008 we played 3 games. Our friend Anthony came again. He is a great addition to our Gang. One word to you adult cyclists. We now have 4 ten year olds, 1 twelve, and 1 nineteen, regular players. I am 57. The rest of the gang are in their 30's. If you think for one minute that these little guys are a push over ! Jump back ! I got news for you. The two youngest are nicknamed "The Pihrana". Why ? If you have ever seen a pihrana feed, they sneek up from the rear of their prey and attack. Nothing left but the head. Don't believe me? Come see for you're self.

Thanks Tracy for your contribution to the blog. I cant wait for TL Junior to play. 9 is the magic age. I can only imagine him on the field kicking Mommy and Daddy's a## ! Interesting thought.

Wed. June 11th at 7 pm sharp. Desert Storm park. 16th street and Colter.

Come see if you can hang with the 10 year olds tough guy.


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