Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saturday, Nov. 15th. Tucson Bike Swap Meet and Polo

The Tucson bike swap meet is always a blast. Troy, Mike, Tommy, Jay, Jacob, Big Tim and me, jumped in a couple vehichles and drove to the 'Ol Pueblo. This is the place for bike deals. Tires, derailures, brakes, shifters, frames, stuff to keep us going till next time.
Tucson's son-of-polo, Jeremy, tried to get a team together, to play after the swap meet, but no good. His players bailed at the last, and left him alone to play against Phoenix's finest. Thanks Jeremy for standing up and showing us a good time. With us and Jeremy there were 8 players. Tucson rules. 3 hits then pass.

Good stuff. Maybe next time.


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chainsaw said...

yo fellas, sorry to be late with the news but, March 7th in Lyons Colorado is the Colorado Can Cup. It is 4v4 and is all about the grass. Teams from all over CO and a team from SLC will be in attendance. Be stoked if you could come. More info